Standard double beds 160 x 190 cm, sets, made in Italy

Our range of 160 x 190 cm double beds at the best price, an auction choice of models and brands, made in Italy, Bolzan Letti, Bonaldo, Cantori letti, Cattelan Italia, Dèsireè Divani, Famar Materassi, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis and Tonin Casa.

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160x190 bed frame, standard size

The 160 x 190 structure is the most common and best-selling in Italy, on our website you will find beds complete with structure, bed base and mattress, characterised by single- or two-colour finishes, made of lego or metal, complete beds with storage containers and upholstered beds.

Easy and intuitive assembly systems, wooden or metal feet, high quality fabric covers, these are just some of the features that distinguish our modern double beds.

Our proposals, the best offers

The 160x190 double bed is the best-selling model in 2021 - 2022, among the most interesting proposals we find the Ankel Itamoby double bed with ash wood frame 166 x 203 cm, perfect for the 160 x 190 cm mattress, equipped with headboard with separate slats, available in different colours, available at the price of € 189.00 instead of € 522.00.

If you are looking for a modern bed with storage box then take a look at the Noctis Giulia Double bed, equipped with a structure with polypropylene feet, standard black colour but available in other colours and covers, size 160 x 190 cm, available at the discounted price of €479.00 instead of €638.00

The best double beds 160x190 cm, Best Seller 2022

Among the most viewed models on Arredare Modero we find the Agnese bed by Itamoby double bed, covered in imitation leather, microfibre or fabric, size 160 x 190 cm for the mattress and 170 x 200 for the bed frame, equipped with headboard, side panels and removable footboard cover, available at the discounted price of € 469.00.

In second place among the Best Sellers we find the Noctis Sommier H27 bed with different customisations of fabrics and feet, original Folding Box storage system, modern and stylish, perfect for well-kept or minimal style bedrooms, purchasable at the discounted price of €886.00.

Bed frame 160x190 and other available sizes

In the sleeping area the main element is certainly the double bed, which is usually chosen according to aesthetic taste and furnishing style. On our site we have chosen to propose a wide range of models, divided between shapes, colours, materials and sizes.

Considering that the standard size is 160 cm in width and 190 cm in length, because it offers the possibility of combining a single mattress or two single mattresses for greater comfort, alternatively we also have French-style beds, which have a smaller mattress of 120 cm with a maximum width of 140 cm, or for those with the opposite needs, therefore a maxi bed, defined King, starting from 200 cm in width and 260 in length.

Other available sizes

  • King size maxi bed, starting from 180 x 190 0 180 x 220 cm
  • Small double beds, 120 x 190 cm or 140 x 200 cm
  • Sommier beds, with mattress and frame equal to the bed base, without headboard and storage box, starting at 170 x 200 cm.

What to consider before buying?

Before purchasing a 160x190 double bed frame, you must pay close attention to the space available in the bedroom, also taking into account the cluttering with the other furniture to be purchased.

A second aspect to consider is compatibility with the bed base and mattress, when we choose not to purchase a complete bed, but only the supporting structure.

Finally, the design and style, trying not to deviate from the colours of the walls and the finishes of the furnishing accessories.

Folding beds 160 x 190, how to choose the most suitable one?

In the bedroom, the new watchword is flexibility. In this environment, space is of vital importance, as it no longer represents a passageway intended solely for sleeping at night, but with the new living habits it is a multifunctional room.

And it is precisely in the bedroom that more and more attention is being paid to innovative and functional solutions, pointing the spotlight on fold away beds capable of offering maximum comfort in minimum space.

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