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In the vast universe of comfort, one name stands out: Noctis, the undisputed leader in the sector of Queen beds.

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Noctis one and a half Bed

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Noctis one and a half Bed

Regular price €1,573.82 -20% Price €1,259.06
Noctis one and a half Bed, feet in natural pyramidal wood as standard and removable covers in different finishes.

Our online shop offers exclusive access to the entire Noctis catalog, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the luxury and refined Made in Italy design, right from the comfort of your own home. Each piece reflects a dedication to detail and craftsmanship that sets the standard for modern beds. Every Noctis bed is a masterpiece of comfort and functionality, created to ensure restful sleep and peaceful nights.

And the beauty of our beds is not the only reason why you should choose our online shop. You will discover a world of advantages, including exclusive discounts and promotions that make each purchase an even more exciting experience.

Take advantage of our offers to enhance your spaces with affordable Noctis beds. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of authentic Italian design, just a click away. Your journey towards sublime rest starts here, in our online shop.

Noctis One Queen : With or Without Storage for Maximum Comfort

Noctis one and a half beds are not only synonymous with style and comfort, but also functionality. Available with or without storage, they are designed to perfectly adapt to your needs.

If you live in a small space or simply want to optimize your bedroom, the model with storage offers an invisible and easily accessible storage space, ideal for storing bed linen, pillows, or any other items you want to keep within reach but out of sight.

If you prefer visual lightness and simplicity, the model without storage is characterized by its essential elegance. In both cases, Noctis beds guarantee unmatched comfort, providing a rest that is both a luxury experience and a boost to well-being.

Noctis Sommier H27 One and a Half Bed

The Noctis Sommier H27 one and a half bed beautifully integrates with the existing decor of your room, offering a myriad of options for fabric and leg customization.

It is an elegant piece of furniture that combines style and functionality, with a bed base that conceals a practical storage compartment. Its innovative Folding Box system, an incredibly original design detail, allows you to easily unroll the PVC back panel using a cord.

This intelligent mechanism greatly facilitates daily cleaning, making this bed a truly impeccable option for your bedroom.

Noctis Upholstered Queen beds

Noctis upholstered one and a half beds epitomize elegance combined with comfort. Upholstered with high-quality materials and crafted with artisanal expertise, these beds offer unbeatable comfort that envelops you in a sense of luxury every time you lay down.

The generous padding gives them an inviting and cozy appearance, transforming your bed into a serene retreat to retire to at the end of the day. Each model can be customized with a wide range of fabrics and colors, allowing you to create a piece that truly reflects your style and personality. And, thanks to the excellence of Italian design that characterizes them, you can be sure that each bed not only provides extraordinary comfort, but is also a work of art that adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Noctis Giulia One and a Half Bed

The Noctis Giulia one and a half bed stands out for its sophistication and functionality. This storage model features a headboard upholstered with soft wadding, adorned with elegant quilted stitching that enhances its superior quality.

The compact design combines size and comfort, without neglecting the softness that makes it irresistibly cozy. Furthermore, it offers two options for the opening of the storage compartment.

The "Box Plus" version features a sturdy perimeter iron structure that joins the headboard, sides, and footboard, ensuring exceptional stability. The traditional opening system with piston provides automatic locking for unparalleled convenience.

The "Box Plus Confort" variant, on the other hand, offers a parallel opening mechanism for the bed base, providing unmatched accessibility to the storage compartment.

Queen Beds Available in Various Sizes to Suit All Needs

Queen beds, often also known as "queen beds," are an excellent choice for those seeking a compromise between the space of a single bed and a double bed.

The standard measurements for a one and a half bed in Italy are usually 120 cm wide by 190/200 cm long, offering a comfortable compromise for those looking for more space than a single bed without resorting to a double bed.

However, there are several available variants to meet individual space and comfort needs. For example, there are "small" sized beds, which usually measure 90 cm wide by 200 cm long, perfect for narrower spaces.

Medium-sized beds are slightly wider, typically measuring 100 cm wide by 200 cm long. Finally, for those who truly want to extend sleeping space, there are "king size" one and a half beds, which typically measure 150 cm wide by 200 cm long. These provide ample space, almost as much as a standard double bed.

In our online shop, we have all the sizes and models from the official Noctis catalog. Thanks to a long-lasting partnership with the Italian company, you can buy online with just a few simple clicks, pay securely and conveniently with credit cards, bank transfer, and cash on delivery.

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