Nardi garden chairs, outdoor furniture, Made in Italy

Discover our wide selection of Nardi garden chairs, modern and resistant chairs, made in Italy, on sale on our online shop at Outlet prices, discover the discounts and promotions of Arredare Moderno.

Let yourself be inspired by the quality and unique design of Nardi garden chairs . The range of products available is really rich, with a wide choice of styles and colors suitable for any need.

Whether you are looking for classic wooden chairs or modern plastic chairs, Nardi has everything you need to create a comfortable and trendy environment in your garden.

Nardi garden chairs offer maximum resistance over time, as they are made with the highest quality materials and have undergone laboratory tests to ensure their durability. They are designed to withstand the elements, such as rain, UV rays and frost, to ensure you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

Furthermore, they are extremely easy to clean and do not require any complex maintenance, they are very light and ergonomic, so they can be easily moved to any corner of your garden.

With a choice of modern or traditional designs ranging from classics to vibrant colours, Nardi chairs are perfect for bringing a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor space. Choose your favorites and renew the look of your garden with style!

How to decorate the home garden?

Furnishing your home garden is a great way to expand living spaces in a fun and creative way. If you are looking to add a touch of freshness and style to your outdoor space, Nardi chairs are ideal.

These Italian-designed chairs are incredibly durable and versatile, offering a wide range of colours, finishes, materials and styles to suit any outdoor setting. They are made from the highest quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures without discoloring or deteriorating.

Nardi chairs are also extremely resistant to wear and UV rays, making them ideal for use in the garden. In addition, their ergonomic structure offers exceptional comfort, making them perfect even for long hours of use. With Nardi chairs you can create an outdoor living room that will make your home unique!

Furthermore, thanks to its extensive catalogue, the Italian brand offers the possibility of completing outdoor furniture with garden tables, sofas and sunbeds, rocking chairs, vases and much more.

Nardi chairs: the Arredare Moderno ranking

  • Gardenia Nardi chair: The Gardenia Nardi chair stands out for its contemporary design with slats that recall the retro style. Suitable for outdoor environments, it represents a comfortable and light seat, with welcoming lines and resin armrests.
  • Nardi Doga Bistrot Chair: The Nardi Doga Bistrot Chair stands out for its contemporary design with horizontal slats. Suitable for outdoor environments, it represents a comfortable and ergonomic seat, which can be accessorised with a cushion.
  • Doga Armchair Nardi: The Doga Armchair Nardi stands out for its contemporary design with revisited slats. Designed for outdoor environments, it is the best solution for a light, ergonomic and comfortable seat that can be accessorised with a cushion.
  • Aurora Nardi chair: Stackable chair suitable for any type of furniture.

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