Modern tables, extendable and fixed, made in Italy design

On Arredare Moderno you can buy your new modern table from a wide range of items made in Italy, being able to choose among various styles such as minimal, industrial or tech, different materials: wood, tempered glass, crystal, we select only the most loved brands and sought after on the Italian scene: Altacom, Bontempi, Midj, Cattelan, Colico, Driade, just to name a few.

What distinguishes a modern table is certainly its linearity and functionality, in fact you can use it in the kitchen or living room, dining room or study, perfect for dining, working on the computer and doing homework.

The modern tables proposed can be easily combined with any style and furniture, from modern to traditional, industrial or Scandinavian style, thanks to the numerous details made of wood or metal, which allow the approach to every style and trend.

Design tables, modern and multipurpose, which enhance the dining room or the kitchen environment, interact easily with the chairs and furnishing accessories, giving a strong personality to the living room of the house.

Modern living room tables, in wood or tempered glass

The modern wooden tables are highly sought after, on Arredare Moderno unique and original tables are selected, made of solid wood, chestnut, larch, oak, red cedar of Lebanon, handcrafted and customizable tables, resistant, with a refined and modern design.

Then there are the modern tables in glass and crystal, furnishing elements with a unique design, with different styles, shapes and sizes, round, rectangular, square, oval, they are perfectly adaptable to any environment, adding a touch of dynamism and brightness. Thanks to the play of light and the numerous colors, they have different finishes: frosted, etched, transparent and colored.

Among the modern glass tables we mention those of Bontempi brand, in particular Millenium, Artistico, Majesty and Versus collection, equipped with a grey, transparent smoked glass top, customizable in colors and base.

Modern extendable tables Outlet

The space-saving solution of modern extendable tables is much appreciated by customers who do not have much space in the house dedicated to the dining room or kitchen, with a functional design, the extendable tables certainly offer the best solution, on Arredare Moderno there are numerous models that can be selected based on to color, materials, bases and dimensions.

Modern kitchen and dining room tables

The perfect solution for furnishing the kitchen, modern tables offer solutions for every need, they are versatile, beautiful to look at, light and functional, perfect to amaze guests during a dinner, transparent, delicate tables with soft and refined lines, with metal or wooden frame, extendable or fixed, perfect for completing the kitchen living in a stylish way.

The kitchen tables in Arredare Moderno catalog are beautiful and useful, with attention to every detail, blending form with functionality, they prefer the refined and innovative design of Made in Italy.

Extendable Design Tables: Best Brands and Price

When it comes to tables, almost everyone thinks of only two types: fixed and extendable. As we will see, however, there are many different solutions capable of satisfying any type of need, even the most unthinkable.

Fixed tables probably don't need particularly in-depth explanations. Leaving aside the research linked to the innumerable forms of design (we build tables for all tastes), we are sure that there is very little to add to your ideas and your knowledge on the matter. In this guide, we will devote more attention to extendable tables, focusing mainly on the different extension systems.

Before delving into the various mechanisms, it should be noted that often the extension system does not only involve the table top but also the legs, which in some models are mobile and move as the top expands. Until a few decades ago, the most widespread mechanism for extendable tables were the so-called side extensions. The extensions could be both symmetrical, therefore extractable independently from the two ends of the table, and asymmetrical, that is, extractable only from one of the sides of the table. Read more >>

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