Modern cupboards, low, high, with display case, made in Italy

The best modern cupboards in wood, steel, with display case, high or low, best quality/price ratio, made in Italy, on Arredare Moderno we select the most popular and beloved furniture from brands such as Driade, Cattelan Italia, Scab Design, Bonaldo, Colico and many others.

Cheap modern cupboards, the best prices on the web

Browse our online catalogue, you will find many solutions to furnish the kitchen, the living room or the entrance of your home with the best modern design sideboards, refined and contemporary, innovative, easily matching the style of your home.

A versatile piece of furniture, economical and beautiful to look at, suitable for all environments, perfect for making the living room hospitable and chic, for displaying plates, sets of glasses, liqueurs, vases, models, useful objects, kitchen accessories and wall units, pots and pans and crockery.

On Arredare Moderno you can choose your sideboard according to materials, colours, sizes, finishes and types, from low sideboards to those with drawers or doors.

Functional but above all versatile, the modern sideboard can also be used as a TV stand, as a piece of furniture for the entrance, as a dresser or chest of drawers.

What is the difference between a sideboard and a cupboard? Which one should you choose?

Although many people confuse the sideboard with the cupboard, there is actually a big difference between the two types of furniture. The sideboard is definitely longer and narrower, and was created as an element of the kitchen for storing cupboards and preparing bread dough or cakes, a true multi-purpose piece of furniture with a larder.

The cupboard, on the other hand, is vertical, it has very ancient origins, it was used by nobles, it was placed next to the large table on which dishes were served by the master cupboard-keeper, who tasted the food to prove that it was not poisoned.

The cupboard is also called a buffet cabinet, originally coined by the cook of the King of France, François I, and used for serving and transporting food, bottles and crockery.

How to clean a wooden or glass sideboard?

Wooden furniture such as modern high cupboards or low cupboards, depending on the finish and type of wood, need constant care and cleaning. Bumps and scratches can appear on the surface, and over time it becomes lacklustre and loses its natural colour.

Here are some small tricks for cleaning wooden cupboards: first of all we advise against using aggressive products that could damage the surface, better to use traditional Marseille soap and warm water.

For a thorough cleaning of the surface remember to use a micro-fibre cloth and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

For grease build-up you could use a commercial degreaser in small quantities, to remove dust, most of the time a simple dry cloth will suffice, however for better cleaning you can use a paste wax that protects the wood.

Cupboard cabinets can be cleaned with specific products for glass and a soft cloth, or using the old-fashioned method with newspaper and diluted white vinegar.

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