Midj fixed and extendable tables, Made in Italy

Discover our selection of fixed and extendable design Midj tables for the kitchen and living room, designed and made in Italy at super affordable prices.

Wide selection of the best Midj tables available in different finishes and materials, modern kitchen tables, wooden tables, glass tables, round and square, perfect for any style of furniture, from classic to contemporary, from minimalist to industrial style.

To furnish your spaces with taste and character, choose a Midj table , with a base in steel, crystal-ceramic, wood or glass, with a refined design, clean lines, highly competitive prices.

You can choose to buy a fixed or extendable kitchen table , customizable in terms of finishes and dimensions, to be combined with a set of modern chairs and renovate the kitchen area, choose between the classic solid wood tables, laminate and lacquered solutions, or the elegant tables with glass or marble top.

Modern and versatile fixed Midj tables

Among the most popular models we find the Midj fixed tables, modern, classic, contemporary and design models, available with thin and regular legs or with imposing central bases in wood or metal.

Surely wood is the most chosen and appreciated material, Midj offers different types of wood: from solid oak to fir, pine, larch, Ayous, national walnut, oak and many others, thanks to this precious material it is possible to give life to real works of art, functional and at the same time decorative tables, lacquered or dyed for an impeccable aesthetic result.

Even the glass tables section presents design models used to furnish the living room or kitchen area with style, starting from the classic transparent and extra-clear glass and finishing with satin glass, painted on the back or combined with marble slabs.

Midj extendable tables, perfect for hosting more people

On the one hand the problem related to the limited space available in new modern homes, on the other the possibility of inviting friends and family without worrying about seating, the Midj extendable tables represent the definitive solution to these problems.

A particular typology of kitchen tables that allow, through opening mechanisms, to lengthen the table and insert up to 4 - 8 more seats, modern and functional space-saving solutions, you can choose between rectangular, square and oval extendable tables , made in wood, metal and glass, available in different sizes and finishes.

All Midj tables in our catalog are available online for immediate delivery, you can buy them with a few simple clicks, pay securely using your credit card, PayPal account, bank transfer or cash on delivery and receive the goods directly to your home.

The best Midj tables on Arredare Moderno

Are you looking for the best Midj table for design and affordable price? Take a look at our ranking based on sales and reviews from our customers:

  • Diamante Midj table : a modern table with structure and legs made of painted steel . The top is available in different finishes, ideal for modern living rooms. The products of the Midj brand have minimal characteristics, capable of adapting to numerous furnishing contexts.
  • Midj Clessidra table : a round and modern table made with a steel base. The top is available in crystal ceramic or wood in different finishes, ideal for completing your modern design furniture. The Midj brand is characterized by the linear and modern shapes of its products.
  • Apollo Midj table : an extendable table with a painted steel base . The top is available in different finishes, ideal for living rooms. The products of the Midj brand have minimal characteristics, capable of adapting to numerous furnishing contexts.
  • Infinity Midj table : round table made with a chromed or painted steel base . The top is available in different finishes, ideal for living rooms. The products of the Midj brand have minimal characteristics, capable of adapting to modern and design furnishing contexts.
  • Zeus Midj table : extendable table made with legs in painted metal, with a design inspired by the refectory table formerly used in convents which, together with the restyling guaranteed by the Mid j brand, is suitable for numerous modern furnishing contexts. The top is available in veneered wood, ideal for your elegant living room.
  • Link Midj table: modern extendable table with structure and legs in painted steel. Top in wood or ceramic in different finishes. 2 sizes available.

Midj extendable tables for a functional dining room

Midj is a leading company in the furniture sector and creates innovative and trendy products. If you are looking for an extendable table , here you will find the most suitable one. Discover the Midj tables now .

Extendable tables are a fundamental element not to be overlooked because they adapt perfectly to the needs of the moment. There are various types, of every price, material and shape and they fit into every style of furniture. Read more >>

Interior design: Midj tables for a trendy home

To choose your designer table, you will need to take into account the following aspects:

  1. Place where the table will be placed to understand what use it will make of it and how to make the most of the spaces by playing with lines, transparencies and colours.
  2. Dimensions of the room to choose the most suitable complement, also according to your needs.
  3. Table shape for trendy or practical solutions.
  4. Material for a durable table or to follow a contemporary style
  5. Design , for a refined and unique decor.

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