Midj stools, modern design and Made in Italy style, Outlet prices

Discover the line of Midj stools offered on our online shop, furnishing accessories full of style and design, perfect for furnishing the kitchen area or a contract environment , bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Every single Midj stool is made in Italy, produced with top quality materials, design always inspired by the latest trends, easily combinable with modern, classic, futuristic, minimal , industrial or Nordic style furnishings.

In this section of our online shop you will find unique models and a truly full-bodied choice, kitchen stools, wooden stools, fixed, swivel, high or low stools , perfect for the piano bar, to embellish the home with elegant and modern seats, improve the comfort and add seats.

The stools produced by the Italian company Midj are available in different finishes and colours, with a metal or wooden base, padded seat upholstered in leather, eco-leather, fabric, velvet or synthetic fabric.

Midj wooden stools : the charm of tradition

Among the most appreciated and sold models by the Italian brand Midj we certainly find the stools made of wood , a unique collection designed by the best designers on the international scene, models that convey naturalness and timeless charm.

You can choose between stools made of solid wood, walnut or ash , with dyes and lacquers of all kinds, natural colors or inspired by industrial-style environments, available in different sizes and heights, sold at super affordable prices, with discounts of 20% at 70% .

Midj design stools

The design stools designed by Midj have an essential structure in metal or iron , with backrests and armrests covered in leather or fabric, tubular legs and protruding footrests, which express a strong personality and surprising aesthetics, suitable for modern and futuristic environments .

Furthermore, Midj stools are very light , resistant and easy to clean compared to traditional ones, some models are stackable to obtain maximum savings in terms of space, made of polypropylene or polycarbonate, resistant and easily moldable materials.

Midj stools , buying guide

Midj stool ? Take a look at our ranking based on the sales of the last few years and the reviews of our customers:

  • Calla Midj stool: for indoor and outdoor use, it can adapt to spaces with modern furnishings. It comes with a painted steel base and polypropylene shell in numerous color finishes, ideal for satisfying the most diverse design tastes.
  • Lea Midj stool: refined design for its simple and harmonious lines, it is suitable to complete your decor. The legs are made of tinted metal and the shell covered in leather, ideal for satisfying the most personal design tastes.
  • Cover Midj stool: the stool with fine and elegant lines is suitable for furnishing your kitchen with style. The legs are made of metal and the shell covered in numerous materials ideal for satisfying the most personal design tastes.
  • Nenè Midj stool: it has a contemporary and fresh style , it is inspired by the shapes of the classic chair. The Nenè collection, designed by Paolo Vernier, offers a vast choice of chairs, stools and armchairs designed to furnish the domestic indoor environment and public spaces.
  • Apelle Midj stool: the ideal stool to complete the furnishing of kitchens , bars and pubs. The structure is made of painted steel while the seat is covered in different finishes, ideal for satisfying the most diverse tastes.
  • Wrap Midj stool: equipped with comfort and refined design, the deal to furnish your living area. It is made with painted metal legs and shell covered in numerous fabrics, guaranteeing a wide range of choices for the most diverse tastes.
  • Silvy Midj stool: characterized by a versatile design , it is ideal for many modern furnishing contexts. It comes with a painted steel base and a leather-covered shell in numerous finishes, ideal for satisfying the most diverse design tastes.

Midj stools, furnishing solutions for the kitchen

Midj brand has been operating successfully in the modern furniture sector for years. The Midj collections are characterized by the communion between soft design and comfort. The products of this Italian brand are designed to build living spaces, full of joy and brightness, with the strength of soft lines, rounded corners and soft padding.

Midj furnishings are transversal and respond to private and public needs. They are modern furnishing items intended for the office or dining room, to furnish a bar or restaurant, always offering a high quality made in Italy design . Read the full article >>

Furnishing with Midj stools , tips and design ideas

Midj stools are the perfect furnishing elements for your home or business because they have a unique and innovative design. Find out how to use them to furnish your home! Read the full article >>

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