The best wrought iron garden armchairs, the best of made in Italy

On Arredare Moderno you will find a large catalogue dedicated to garden furniture, the vast assortment also includes  iron garden armchairs, divided by styles, shapes and sizes, with wrought iron, metal, steel and aluminium frames. You are sure to find the solution that suits you best!

With the arrival of summer, it is time to organise your outdoor spaces in the best possible way. In addition to sweeping leaves and planting aromatic herbs, it is a good idea to furnish a small space dedicated to relaxation, which is why we have selected the best wrought iron outdoor armchairs made in Italy.

Iron, metal, steel, aluminium garden armchairs and benches

If you have a large patio, a spacious garden or a panoramic terrace, you are in the right place. You can furnish your outdoor space with style and elegance by choosing from a vast catalogue with over 20,000 references.

Garden armchairs made of the highest quality materials, weatherproof and sunlight resistant, rustproof, easy to clean, armchairs with handcrafted wrought iron, metal or aluminium frames, stackable armchairs and seats to recover space, comfortable and versatile with upholstery and finished in fabric or leather.

Iron garden armchairs for your moments of relaxation

As well as being very elegant pieces of furniture, our iron garden armchairs are also comfortable seats for a few hours of well-deserved relaxation in the company of friends and family.

Perfect for creating a cosy lounge area and for enjoying reading a good book in a comfortable position, in fact, among the most sought-after models are the Chaise Longue armchairs, which allow you to stretch your legs so as to assume extremely relaxing positions.

Wrought iron garden benches

Not only armchairs, in this section you will also find garden benches with an iron or metal structure, elegant and resistant, handcrafted in Italy, they present a truly modern, unique and original design, two or three-seater furnishing complements, to be placed in a corner of the patio next to the dining set or the outdoor living room.

Cleaning and maintenance of metal garden chairs

The wrought iron armchair is certainly a fascinating piece of furniture, thanks to its retro nuances and that touch of natural sophistication that distinguishes it, a style that is, if you like, vintage and minimalist, but which needs a little maintenance so as not to lose its charm.

We recommend cleaning iron or metal always with natural, organic products. Among the most commonly used solutions is lemon juice, a natural degreasing acid that gives its best when combined with salt.

Vinegar, white wine vinegar, is also a very degreasing natural product, also capable of disinfecting, perfect for metal, steel and brass. 

For non-excessive dirt, another remedy against rust is onion combined with sugar, to be rubbed gently on the surface of our armchair.

We recommend always using a soft microfibre cloth combined with lukewarm water, and the toothbrush used to clean small crevices.

For extraordinary maintenance and cleaning, when there are ruined spots and aggressive rust, we can use sandpaper, first passing a light coat with the coarse grit and then with the fine grit; finally, we need to pass an anti-rust product and a coat of clear coat, oil or beeswax for a glossy effect.

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