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Flair Gervasoni sunbed

Price €1,984.00

Flair Gervasoni sunbed

Price €1,984.00
Gervasoni Flair sunbed, for outdoors, made with an embossed painted aluminum tubular structure. Reclining backrest and removable cover with quilted fabric.

From the subtle shades of our rugs to the intriguing reflections of our mirrors, each product is a tribute to Italian-made design. Additionally, our vases with their unique shapes will add a touch of charm to any space, whether you're decorating an interior or exterior environment.

But that's not all! Currently, we're offering a series of unmissable discounts and promotions on a wide range of items. Discover our offers and revolutionize your living space with the unique taste and elegance of Gervasoni products. Don't miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Modern and Functional Home Accessories

Gervasoni's mirrors, rugs, and vases are essential accessories for defining the style of any environment and are available in a wide variety of types:

  1. Mirrors:

    • Wall mirrors: in various shapes and sizes, ideal for adding a sense of depth to the room.
    • Floor mirrors: larger in size, perfect for bedrooms or entryways.
    • Framed mirrors: with wooden, metal, or decorative frames to add an artistic touch.
    • Frameless mirrors: with a modern and minimalist appearance.
  2. Rugs:

    • Oriental rugs: rich in detailed designs and vibrant colors, perfect for an ethnic look.
    • Modern rugs: with geometric patterns or neutral colors, they integrate well into contemporary decor.
    • Wool rugs: warm and comfortable, ideal for relaxation areas.
    • Synthetic fiber rugs: durable and easy to clean, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  3. Vases:

    • Ceramic vases: offer a classic look and can be painted or glazed.
    • Glass vases: modern and versatile, allowing you to see the contents.
    • Metal vases: add a touch of elegance and are particularly durable.
    • Terracotta vases: ideal for plants, allowing the roots to breathe.

Each type has its own characteristics, and choosing the right one can truly make a difference in your space.

Furnish Your Home with Gervasoni Furniture and Accessories, Ideas and Tips

Furnishing your home with Gervasoni furniture and accessories is an experience that brings elegance and style to every corner of your house. It is an Italian brand renowned for its ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary and innovative design.

Imagine your living room transformed with one of our luxury sofas, accompanied by a Gervasoni rug that adds warmth and invites relaxation. Adding a coffee table offers a touch of style and functionality, creating the perfect place to welcome guests or enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

In the bedroom, your bed can become the focal point of the room, enhanced by a series of bedside tables and dressers that provide elegant storage solutions. A large Gervasoni mirror can add a sense of spaciousness and depth to the room, while a soft and comfortable rug helps create a cozy atmosphere.

Even your outdoor space can benefit from the touch of Arredare Moderno. Our outdoor furniture, made with durable materials and designed to withstand the elements, will transform your garden or patio into a comfortable oasis.

Gervasoni accessories, such as our designer vases, can enrich any space, both indoors and outdoors, adding a touch of originality and sophistication.

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