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Discover timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship in our online shop, where we offer the exclusive collection of Gervasoni chairs.


Brise Gervasoni chair

Price €841.00

Brise Gervasoni chair

Price €841.00
Brise Gervasoni chair, with or without armrests, made of tubular stainless steel, seat/back in Woodevolution™. Available in three colors: Oxido, Slate and Pearl.

Whether you're looking to revitalize your kitchen or living room, our chairs provide you with a wide range of choices, all characterized by modern and sophisticated design.

Each chair is designed and made in Italy, resulting from a process that combines innovation and tradition. Choose from premium wood or sturdy metal models, all finished with care and attention to detail. Our padded chairs, upholstered in leather or eco-leather, promise both comfort and style.

Now is the perfect time to renew your space, thanks to the extraordinary promotions and discounts available in our shop. Don't miss the opportunity to bring home a functional piece of art, a true symbol of Italian design. Explore the world of Gervasoni, your home will thank you.

Best Types and Models of Gervasoni Chairs

When it comes to kitchen and dining room chairs, the variety of models and types is incredibly wide, designed to adapt to any style of decor and personal preference.

  1. High-back Chairs: These chairs offer excellent back support and add a touch of formality to your space. They are ideal for the dining room or kitchen if you prefer a more elegant look.

  2. Sled Chairs: With a unique design that utilizes a continuous structure for the backrest and legs, these chairs are modern and chic.

  3. Stackable Chairs: These are fantastic for spaces that require flexible arrangement. They can be easily stored when not in use.

  4. Stools: They provide a more informal option, ideal for kitchen islands or bar counters.

  5. Armchairs: They provide extra comfort and a sophisticated look, suitable for long dinners in good company.

As for materials, the options include:

  1. Wood: From solid wood chairs to veneered versions, wooden chairs offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They can be left natural, stained, or painted to match your style.

  2. Metal: Metal chairs are durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for the kitchen. They can have an industrial look or be painted for a more colorful appearance.

  3. Plastic or Acrylic: These materials offer a modern design and are easy to maintain.

For upholstery, leather and eco-leather are always popular for their comfort and durability. Fabrics like cotton or velvet offer a range of colors and patterns, allowing you to further personalize your chairs.

Some models feature removable padding for easier cleaning and maintenance. Remember, your comfort is a priority, so choose a model and upholstery that make you feel comfortable and seamlessly integrate with your space.

Best Sellers at Arredare Moderno: Brise and Next 25

Discover the elegance of the Brise chair by Gervasoni: This design masterpiece, created by Pedrali, offers you the opportunity to choose from models with or without armrests, all exhibiting an unmistakable modern taste.

Each Brise chair is characterized by a durable tubular stainless steel frame, harmoniously combined with a seat and backrest made of the revolutionary WoodEvolution material.

What truly sets the Brise collection apart is the laser-carved WoodEvolution backrest, creating a perforated pattern as a tribute to traditional Viennese straw. These unique design elements are anchored to the frame through precious nautical straps, carefully chosen to reflect the chair's color.

Another highly appreciated model is the Next 25 chair by Gervasoni: This furnishing gem, with its luxurious padding, beautifully combines classic and modern elements.

Its simple yet refined shape is further enhanced by detailed tailor-and-sew stitching and its open base, details that accentuate its silhouette. The sturdy structure is made of walnut or beech wood, available in a variety of finishes to perfectly suit your taste.

It's not just a chair, but an authentic piece of design, ideal for adding distinctive style to any environment, from your home kitchen to the trendiest bar or restaurant. Let yourself be captivated by the Next 25 chair by Gervasoni, where style and comfort meet.

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Chairs design Gervasoni, the best outdoor chairs

Gervasoni design chairs represent the pinnacle of elegance and functionality in outdoor furniture. When it comes to creating a cozy and charming environment in your garden, there is nothing better.

This collection of chairs offers the perfect combination of form and function, combining refined design with exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents. Read more >>

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