French-style beds, 140 x 190 cm, modern and design

Discover the collection of French-style beds from Arredare Moderno, double beds with reduced dimensions compared to the standard one, 140 x 190 cm, designed in Italy, a selection of the best brands: Bonaldo Arredamenti, Cantori letti, Dèsirèe Diai, Felis Mobili, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci and Tonin Casa.

The main characteristic of the French-style double bed is that it has slightly reduced dimensions compared to the standard bed, going from 160 cm to 140 cm, perfect for children's rooms, for singles' home furnishing or for those double rooms where space is limited.

Also known as the Antico Napoletano bed, it originated in France under the name Grand Lit. While, as mentioned, the width is slightly smaller, the length remains the same as the classic double beds, 180 cm, 190 cm, and the 200 cm King version.

The measurements described refer to the mattress and bed frame but not to the bed frame, which is why the final dimensions may increase slightly.

Why buy a French bed?

In modern homes, rooms and available space are getting smaller and smaller, because people are moving from the countryside and small suburbs to the big city.

In this context, the choice of buying a French bed can really be a solution to consider.

The French bed allows you to have more free space around it, which must be at least 50 cm, and it can easily be combined with any furnishing style, from modern to classic, industrial or shabby.

Space-saving solution? French-style foldaway bed

If you are looking for a space-saving solution for your bedroom, or to add an extra bed for guests, for lofts or studio apartments, you will also find among our proposals the French hide-a-bed, a wardrobe or bookcase structure that hides the hide-a-bed inside if required.

We have several models of rollaway beds for all needs, classic beds that include a desk, sofa beds, cabin beds and more.

French bed with storage

Another solution that has been very popular with our customers in recent years is the French bed with storage box, space-saving beds with a large box placed under the mattress and accessible through a simple and intuitive opening mechanism.

The storage box is perfect for storing bed linen, duvets and blankets, out-of-season clothing and much more. The beds are available with wooden frames, pvc, plexiglass, wrought iron, and leather, faux leather, fabric or velvet finishes.

How much does a French bed cost?

The prices of our French beds vary from model to model. Thanks to our partnership with the most important Italian brands, we are able to offer affordable prices and discounts throughout the year.

Among the most loved and appreciated models of 2022 we find the Patrick Italia French bed, upholstered covered in fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, eco-leather or leather in various colours. Polished stainless steel feet. Bed base included, on sale at a special price of 2464.00€.

French double bed, what is it

Cheaper, lighter, smaller than a traditional standard double bed, suitable for singles who like to sleep comfortably or couples with limited bedroom space. Read more >>

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