Modern electric recliner armchairs, for maximum relaxation

Discover Arredare Moderno's line of electric recliner armchairs, innovative for relax, made in Italian design, easy to match, recliner and upholstered armchair in many top quality materials, we select only the best brands: Driade, Cattelan, Midj, Colico, Scab Design, Tomasucci and many others.

Modern electric recliner armchairs, made in Italy

A way to relax and make your living room more modern, electric recliner armchairs are comfortable, equipped with a reclining backrest, advanced technologies that allow us to adjust the position of the seat and improve your lifestyle, ideal for the elderly and disabled, today they are a very popular accessory in all homes.

Electric recliner armchairs, for disabled and elderly people, with one or two motors

Simply operate the armchair with a remote control and you can lift your legs, adjust the backrest, decide on the most relaxing position (upright, intermediate, horizontal) and read a book or watch a film in complete relaxation.

The electric recliner armchair is a piece of furniture initially designed to provide support for people with reduced mobility, but appreciated by all, comfortable and cosy seats, modern design, fine finishes in leather, eco-leather, fabric, microfibre, velvet.

Equipped with one or two motors depending on the model chosen.

How to choose an electric recliner armchair?

The electric recliner armchair is a panacea, both for improving the mobility of the elderly and the quality of life of its users. On Arredare Moderno you will find functional, versatile, modern and design armchairs.

The choice of the type of armchair must be made on the basis of its technology, design and functionality. The starting price for this type of armchair is quite high, starting from 800 - 1000 euros, mainly due to the advanced electrical systems with which they are equipped.

The choice also depends on the functions available on the remote control, which governs the armchair, ease of use, and the presence of basic and advanced functions.

Creating a relaxing corner in the home with modern armchairs

The home must be a welcoming place where you can relax, enjoy moments of tranquillity, and dedicate yourself to the well-being of your body and mind. For a home to be truly comfortable, it must be well furnished, by which we refer not only to aesthetic beauty but also to the functionality and comfort of the furnishings. Carving out a small relaxation corner in the home with modern armchairs is the ideal solution for fully enjoying your home nest. Read more >>

Electric recliner armchairs: modern and relaxing atmospheres

The home is the place where you feel safe, the place par excellence where you can totally rest, far away from work and hectic everyday life. In order to stimulate this relaxation and balance, it is necessary to furnish every room with care and to opt for suitable furniture that is customised to personal tastes and needs. With this in mind, sofas and armchairs capable of accommodating the body with maximum comfort are a must. Read more >>

Relaxing home: ideas and advice for a relaxing environment

Stress is bad for your health and the continuous frenzy and anxiety caused by work commitments makes us face the need to create an environment of our own. A relaxing home in fact allows us to live life with more serenity, if we know how to organise spaces correctly. Read more >>

The best Spazio Relax armchairs, discover our classification

Spazio Relax armchairs are trendy furnishings that bring comfort and design to your home. The Italian brand is specialised in the production of recliner armchairs for residential and commercial use, from self-massaging armchairs to those that lift the person, seats that combine functionality and aesthetics.

The armchairs on our website are equipped with one or more motors, autonomous backrest movements, a lift function, and an advanced vibromassage function for generated rest.

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