Desks with drawers, modern, design, cheap

The best desks with drawers made in Italy, discover the collection of Arredare Moderno, design desks, modern, classic or vintage, perfect for furnishing the office, the living room or your children's bedroom.

The desk with dresser is a classic desk with one or more drawers perfect for storing work items such as documents, diaries, stationery, usually the drawers are positioned under the main top, in some modern models the drawer unit is composed of a side module.

Desk and writing desk with drawers, discover our models

Modern desks are cosy, practical, suited to every need, they fit perfectly into any furnishing style, they are available in different materials and finishes, wood, glass, steel, plastic, they offer organisation and style, essential factors for any self-respecting office.

They are customisable in size, finish and colour, thanks to the additional drawers they are also space-saving, helping to keep the office or your children's room tidy. Take a look at the more contemporary models or those in the style of the 1960s, we have vintage desks, industrial style, retro, futuristic.

All desks combine aesthetics and practicality, the large ones are perfect for large rooms, on the contrary the small or corner ones are suitable for small rooms.

Types of drawers and accessories for desks

Drawers with ball bearing runners, roller runners, concealed slides, available in many finishes, with contrasting colour combinations to add style to your desk, discover models with LED lighting inside the drawer, with internal side panels, with finishes in every colour, from white to anthracite or black, from smoked glass to lacquered or wood.

Desks with assisted closing drawers, much in demand and in vogue in recent years, on Arredare Moderno you will find many models, always available, purchasable online from the comfort of your own home, we accept payment by credit card, bank transfer, payment by instalments.

Wooden desks, office desks, bedroom desks

The desk, thanks also to the spread of smartworking, has become an indispensable furnishing element, which is why we have decided to expand our catalogue, especially for small or corner models, easy to position at home even if we have little space, from the children's bedroom to the living room, creating a small study where we can carry out our work activities in complete comfort. Discover the collection of office desks and children bedroom desks.

Desk with drawers: order and functionality

Perfect for those who need to keep order and organise their work from home in the best possible way, thanks to the drawers every object will have its place in an orderly manner, thus also improving work performance and reaching one's goals.

You can choose from numerous models of desks with drawers, from those with shelves to those with multiple drawers, we also have desks with bookcases for storing books and documents, some models are made entirely of wood, others have a steel base for an industrial style, and others have a marble base to make the home office more elegant.

Desks with drawers, best-selling models

Desks with central, side or open drawers, there are many models on sale on Arredare Moderno, among the Bestsellers of 2022 we have the Shanghai Cantori desk, with a wooden top and two drawers, a central one and a larger one on the side, an elegant and versatile desk, available in different finishes and colours, you can buy it on our website at a discounted price of € 2.456,30 at the posed price of € 3.190,00

The most beautiful desk lamps

Among the indispensable accessories of a desk we definitely have the lamp, discover which are the trendy models of 2022 on Arredare Moderno, read our guide: The most beautiful desk lamps.

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