Chaise longue chair, armchairs, sofas design made in Italy

A unique furnishing accessory, the Chaise longue chair is versatile and functional at the same time, on Arredare Moderno you can purchase your new modern and relaxing chaise longue with maximum savings, articles made in Italy, from the best known and best loved brands: Bonaldo, Cattelan, Driade, Midj, Pedrali, Slide.

For many, the symbol of luxury furnishing, a charming, modern, designer piece of furniture, as comfortable and spacious as a sofa, made with innovative materials and shapes, to be placed in the living room, in the bedroom and even outdoors, it offers moments of safe relaxation.

The chaise longue is an elongated armchair, with a raised headrest, originated in ancient Greece, it was used as a seat by the greatest philosophers, it became a fashionable and luxurious complement from the 16th century in France, known as the bergère armchair, in the 18th century two alternative types were introduced: the extended bergère and the duchesse with two backrests at different heights.

Modern design chaise longue chair

Comfortable and constantly experimenting with style, thanks to shapes and colours, today the Chaise longue chair is a comfortable seat with an innovative design that is in great demand, thanks to the ease with which it can be combined with different furnishing styles. Some models focus on comfort thanks to their ergonomic shapes, others on the contrary express a strong character by being recognised as a true style icon.

A true status symbol in need of large spaces, some models made of plastic materials allow them to be used even in the garden or on terraces.

How to choose the Chaise longue chair?

A touch of French style for modern or classic furnishings, as functional as a two-seater sofa or a comfortable armchair where you can relax, the chaise longue by Arredare Moderno are available in various styles and designs: contemporary and modern, glamorous, luxury, vintage and retro.

Upholstered in fine fabrics, microfibre, leather or eco-leather, velvet, faux suede, upholstered with wooden or metal frames, some models have an adjustable backrest, with lumbar support, other models such as sofas with chaise longue come complete with cushions and armrests and customisable elements such as headrests.

Chaise longue design - cattelan

Furnishing tips: Furnishing a home with a sofa with chaise longue

Furnishing a home with a sofa with chaise longue. The sofa is the star piece of furniture in modern living. Indispensable for convivial moments but also intimate and solitary, used for evenings in company or for relaxing in front of a good film or reading a good book. Read more >>

Sofa with chaise longue chair: 5 Good reasons to choose it

We all know that the sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room, an essential element for welcoming guests and relaxing after a day at work, so it is essential to choose it well. Compared to classic models, the sofa with chaise longue and, more generally, corner sofas represent an asset because they combine useful furnishing features. These are the ability to be the undisputed protagonist of the living room and that of defining the environment from a spatial point of view, configuring and organising it without having to resort to walls or other furniture. In fact, the sofa with chaise longue can be used both to separate and connect areas of the living room, creating a fluid and harmonious space. To find the most suitable solutions for your home, all you have to do is take a look at these fantastic chaise longue or corner sofas we propose, choosing the model that best suits your taste and furnishing needs. Read more >>

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