Cattelan Italia Dining Tables

Cattelan Italia Dining Tables: modern designer forniture

Introducing our exclusive online catalogue, a treasure trove of modern and design-forward tables crafted with the signature touch of Cattelan Italia. Each table tells a story of sophisticated craftsmanship, marrying style with function. 

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Lancer Cattelan Italia Table

Regular price €5,078.51 -10% Price €4,570.66

Lancer Cattelan Italia Table

Regular price €5,078.51 -10% Price €4,570.66
Lancer Cattelan Italia Table, modern style with embossed metal frame and glass top. Different models and dimensions available.
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Senator Cattelan Italia Table

Regular price €11,031.40 -10% Price €9,928.26

Senator Cattelan Italia Table

Regular price €11,031.40 -10% Price €9,928.26
Senator Cattelan Italia Table, titanium or bronze embossed painted steel structure. Top available in 12mm extra-clear beveled glass with CrystalArt Marble decorative artistic print in Orobico or Cotopaxi finishes.

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Founded in Italy in 1979, Cattelan Italia is today one of the leading luxury furniture brands globally, renowned for its stunning high-quality furniture and modern lighting, as well as its collaborations with the top furniture designers from around the world

For those seeking luxury furniture of quality that offers functionality along with timeless design, Cattelan Italia is undoubtedly the top choice. Their dining room furniture, in particular, is cherished by high-end customers and interior designers searching for statement-making dining sets.

Another popular product category, the Cattelan Italia sideboards, showcase unique and sculptural designs with both open and hidden storage options, making them suitable for contemporary dining rooms and hallways. Cattelan Italia also provides a range of office desks that include luxurious and grand masterpieces like the Wall Street Desk, as well as a series of minimalist desks, such as the Batik, designed for smaller home offices.

Dive into the Essence of Italian Design from the Comfort of Your Home! 

Why settle for the ordinary when you can own a piece of Italy's renowned craftsmanship? Explore and shop from our authentic Italian catalogue, presenting the distinguished dining tables by Cattelan Italia. Embrace 100% pure Italian design that captures the heart and soul of fine living.

As an official retailer, we promise authenticity in every curve, every finish, every detail. Want a personal touch? Customize your chosen product to mirror your unique taste, and watch as it transforms into a work of art.

And the best part? You don't even have to step outside. Order with a few clicks and let the marvel of Italian design come to you. Within just a few business days, you'll witness a masterpiece unfold in your dining space. So, recline on your sofa, sip on some fine wine, and let us bring Italy to your doorstep. Shop now and let your home tell a tale of unmatched elegance!


Italian taste, quality materials, care for every little detail, discover the online catalogue of Cattelan Italia tables, luxury furniture with simple and modern lines.

Cattelan Italia tables are ideal to complete your home project, thanks to a personal style that combines functionality and ergonomics, unique and trendy furnishing proposals, also thanks to the use of excellent materials and design research.


Symbols of modern furnishing and space sharing, Cattelan Italia tables have been a point of reference for living spaces for over 50 years thanks to a diversified and wide range of design products and exclusive models.

Functionality and design come together in a perfect balance as in the Skorpio table by designer Andrea Lucatello, made with a painted steel base and clear glass top with reverse bevelled edges, characterised by a modern and refined design, perfect for various types of settings.


Discover our selection of Cattelan Italia extendable tables, precious allies especially when the number of guests at lunchtime increases. Perfect for the kitchen or living room, thanks to retractable mechanisms and extensions each Cattelan extendable table can accommodate up to 10 / 15 guests.

Among the most popular models of the Italian brand is the extendable Cattelan Party console table, designed by Giorgio Cattelan (founder of the company Cattelan Italia Spa), made with a painted steel base, top and extensions in laminate available in different colours, it has a modest and linear design, to be placed in any living area of the home.


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Which are the best dining and living room tables of the Cattelan Italia brand? Here is the ranking of the most popular models by customers not only from Italy:

  1. Table Skorpio Cattelan Italia: the most loved and seen of all time, a modern table with minimal lines, designed by Andrea Lucatello, available with 15 mm crystal top in extra clear or dark glass and base in painted steel titanium, graphite, white, black, bronze and grey, on sale with an applied discount of 10%.
  2. Cattelan Butterfly tablemodern and refined design, excellent for furnishing the living room of the home or office, goes well with various settings, available in various finishes, with base in graphite, bronze, grey painted steel, base in transparent, extra transparent, extra clear bevelled crystal, on sale at a 20% discount.
  3. Eliot Wood Cattelan Italia table: available in fixed or extendable version, created by designer Giorgio Cattelan, perfect for warm and modern environments, the structure of this table has a steel base available in titanium, graphite, white, black and bronze finishes, the top is available in canaletto walnut, burnt oak, natural oak, with an applied discount of 10%.
  4. Cattelan Italia's Tyron Keramik table: an innovative and particular design but at the same time elegant, perfect for furnishing the living room at home, it comes with a steel base available in titanium, graphite, bronze, black and grey and a base in supreme marble, alabaster, slate, portoro, shahara, makalu, breccia and arenal, with an applied discount of 10%.
  5. Elis Wood Cattelan Italia table: designed by designer Alberto Danese, characterised by a simple and linear style, available with a stainless steel anti-fingerprint base and coloured in embossed white, titanium and graphite, with an applied discount of 10%.

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