Cattelan Italia bookcases, Italian design, Outlet prices

The best Cattelan Italia bookcases: Wally, Airport, Tokyo, Arsenal, Nautilus, functional and modern bookcases, made in Italy design , Outlet prices, discover the online offer of Arredare Moderno.

Choose your new Cattelan bookcase among the numerous models on our online catalog: modern wall bookcases, design suspended bookcases, dividing bookcases, modular bookcases , different styles for every type of furniture, from industrial to modern style, from classic style to the vintage one.

Modern bookcases Cattelan Italia, models and trends

Cattelan Italia is an Italian brand born in 1979 world leader in the production of modern furniture, in this section we have selected the most loved and sold bookcases of the Italian brand, furnishing elements with great personality, clean lines and avant-garde design.

Perfect for offering an elegant and light partition to rooms, designed with essential layouts or configurations developed according to different needs, they allow maximum aesthetic freedom thanks to the rich range of finishes and materials.

The best Cattelan Italia bookshops

Among the most popular and sold models of the Italian brand we find:

  1. Tokyo Bookcase Cattelan Italia : a functional and design dividing bookcase , available in 2 different colors, canaletto walnut and burned oak, perfect for creating a refined design corner.
  2. Airport Bookcase Cattela Italia : beautiful modular bookcase with wall fixing, available in 6 different compositions, can be accessorized with shelves, desk shelves and containers, modern and versatile modular bookcase, combinable with contemporary and futuristic environments.
  3. Wally Bookcase Cattelan Italia : designed with quality materials and strong shapes, classic wall bookcase , modular in white, titanium or graphite lacquered MDF, traditional lines, available in the suspended or floor-standing version, completely customizable, perfect for the living room or the bedroom
  4. Arsenal bookcase Cattelan: a modular bookcase made with a titanium, white or graphite painted steel structure, perfect for industrial style environments, wooden shelves in Canaletto walnut, burned oak, white or graphite, perfect for decorating the bedroom or the home stay.
  5. Bookcase Cattelan Italia Nautilus : modular bookcase with steel structure and wall fixing, a modern and design metal composition, available in different finishes and compositions.

How to choose a new bookcase?

In choosing the new home bookcase you have to pay attention to the materials and the combination with the rest of the furniture, another fundamental aspect is the measurements, thanks to the modular solutions you will have the possibility to customize the furniture to the maximum, from the measurements to the materials and the finishes, to meet every need for space and style.

Cattelan bookcases are solid furniture, beautiful to look at and functional, capable of supporting considerable and very heavy weights, from books to objects and accessories.

Bookcases: how to choose the most suitable one? The advice of Arredare Moderno

With the spread of e-books there is almost the feeling that the book is an object destined for extinction. On the contrary, books still have their charm and make the bookcase a fundamental and characterizing element for our homes.

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Modern bookcases: the key elements of furniture

The bookcase is an ideal scenographic element to fill an empty wall or divide two large spaces. Contemporary bookcases are tall and perfect for creating an elegant setting. Composition is the key: the important thing is that the elements are positioned without weighing down and possibly connected to each other, by color, style or theme. They are the perfect piece of furniture that allows you to play with styles . It makes no sense to only place books vertically so as to avoid the oppressive effect of the wall. In short, it is enough to know how to play and it will become the protagonist of the living room or study. Read more >>

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