Online catalog of Cattelan Italia beds, modern and design, double, single, large single, sommier and French beds

Extensive online catalog dedicated to Cattelan Italia beds, a selection of the best items of the Italian brand, modern, comfortable and comfortable beds, full of features and accessories, for sale online at Outlet prices.

The modern beds by Cattelan Italia are characterized by the refinement of details and the quality of the materials used, a linear and modern design, a wide range of color and textile palettes, exclusive interpretations for different settings, with a modern, glamorous, retro, minimal , industrial and classic.

Cattelan beds are designed by the best international designers such as Giorgio Cattelan (founder ), Aldo Greco, Andrea Lucatello , Gino Carollo, Giuseppe Viganò, Oriano Favaretto, Pio and Tito Toso and many others.

Cattelan Italia modern and design beds, models and trends

Choosing a bed from Cattelan Arredamenti means giving the right attention to all the details, from the shape to the volume, the structure, the headboard and the support surface, on our online shop you will find beds of all kinds and sizes, let's see together what are the flagship products of the Italian brand:

  1. Nelson Bed Cattelan Italia : modern double bed , minimal design and clean lines, emphasized by the set back wooden feet, headboard covered in leather, eco leather, fabric, nubuk , micro nubuk , equipped with canaletto wood or burnt oak structure.
  2. Adam Bed Cattelan : Double bed with matching headboard in Corsican or lobster leather , structure covered and feet in Canaletto walnut, bed base always included in the price, modern and minimal design, perfect for industrial and modern environments.
  3. Amadeus Bed Cattelan Italia : Double bed with a clean and modern design, padded headboard covered in leather, eco leather or nubuk , feet in painted steel, rear headboard covered in leather , bed base always included in the price.
  4. Ayrton Bed Cattelan Italia : modern and simple design, painted steel structure with non-removable cover, numerous finishes in leather, eco-leather and fabric, perfect for modern and refined environments.
  5. Marlon Bed Cattelan Italia : with structure in canaletto walnut or burnt oak stained . Headboard entirely covered in fabric, synthetic nubuck , micro nubuck , eco-leather or leather in various colors, modern and essential design, emphasized by the set back wooden feet that give the impression that the bed is supported only by the headboard.
  6. Matisse Bed Cattelan Italia : characterized by a modern design and rounded shapes, headboard and side members upholstered and covered in fabric, synthetic nubuck , micro nubuck , leather or eco-leather, characterized by extreme versatility, emphasized by the possibility of choosing the version with or without storage compartment.

Cattelan Double, single, one and a half beds on offer

Discover the advantageous Outlet offers dedicated to the world of Cattelan Italia beds , let yourself be inspired by the design models without having to worry about budget issues, on our online shop you will always find modern beds discounted from 10% to 40%, discounts and promotions, free shipping all over Italy.

The modern bedroom with Cattelan beds: design proposals

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Modern beds: design and elegance in the bedroom

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