Cantori tables, fixed and extendable, modern and design, Outlet prices

Customizable, elegant and refined tables, discover our collection of modern tables by the Italian brand Cantori , available in all shapes and sizes, wide choice of colors and finishes, super advantageous prices.

Discover the Cantori table line to furnish the kitchen or dining room with style and elegance, from traditional models in solid wood to functional solutions such as extendable tables, passing through elegant solutions in marble or crystal .

Cantori modern tables, Italian design

Thanks to the partnership with the Cantori company we have put at your disposal a complete and original line of modern tables, fixed tables, wooden tables, living room tables, glass tables, round tables, square tables, modern, classic or style tables industrial.

Cantori is a leading Italian company in the furniture sector, thanks to original, modern and handcrafted products, with a unique and creative design, where every single product is designed to satisfy aesthetic and functional standards.

Manual processes, attention to the smallest details, unique techniques related to production, collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, all this allows us to create quality tables and furniture appreciated all over the world.

Such as, for example, the Cantori Manhattan table , a table with an oval-shaped glass or marble top and a sculptural metal base, with blocks set in a wooden frame.

Cantori wooden tables, when versatility is everything

The wooden tables by Cantori are an expression of design and modernity, made with thin and regular legs or imposing central bases, available in different shapes and decorative trends, the collection features different wood essences, from solid wood to oak, from oak to ash, tables lacquered or dyed for any type of solution.

An example above all is the Artù Cantori table: a rectangular table characterized by a curved and tapered solid iron frame with a trellis structure. The top of this modern table is made of irregularly bevelled solid wood . Artù is a rectangular table whose strong point is the extreme quality of its materials, iron and wood, which make it unique and of great charm, ideal for modern furnishings.

Cantori glass tables

Not just wood, Cantori also presents a vast assortment of tables made of transparent, extra-clear glass, acid-etched variants or combined with ceramics, stylish furniture, perfect for classic or contemporary furnishings.

Cantori Prisma table certainly stands out : with an elegant design, it is ideal for numerous furnishing contexts. The "V" shaped structure is available in different metal finishes, together with the decorated in slate, they guarantee original qualities typical of the Cantori brand. The top is made of glass, ceramic, marble and stones, high quality materials suitable to satisfy your requests.

The best Cantori tables to furnish your home

Are you looking for the best Cantori table to furnish your home kitchen ? Take a look at our ranking based on recent years' sales and reviews from our customers:

Raffaello Cantori table: a wooden table with a rectangular or square top and cast aluminum legs. The top is available in hand-decorated wood or in silk-screened and polished glass. The metal frame is laser cut and curved. The welding of the base components is done flush and sanded by hand.

Milton Cantori table: glass top ideal for modern living rooms or dining rooms . The metal structure is available in different finishes suitable for personalized furnishing tastes. Find out more about Modern Furnishing!

Mondrian Cantori table: with polished edge ground glass top, it is available in the transparent or bronze smoked version. The base is made with solid iron rods which, welded together one by one, merge together to form a vortex of circles. These are drawn, curved and sanded manually.

Diamante Cantori table: classic wooden table with rectangular top and shaped legs. The wooden feet, which support the top, are modeled with a diamond cut to form a play of faces and light, underlined by the gold inserts, and also repeated in the shaped wooden top.

The modern extendable table is one of the most suitable solutions for a functional, comfortable and captivating home

An extendable table combines practicality with aesthetics, creating an ideal combination for the modern home that focuses on essential and refined lines, soft and elegant colors and the usefulness of any piece of furniture, starting precisely from the table in the living area. Here are some photos of the extendable table to choose the most suitable model. Read more >>

Cleaning glass tables: products and advice

The great weak point of glass tables is precisely the ease with which they get dirty, consequently requiring great care and attention. However , keeping them clean from any type of stain , preventing halos and protecting them from scratches, is possible thanks to the use of the right products and good technique. Read more >>

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