Bontempi Casa sideboards and cupboards, modern and design, Outlet prices

Discover our selection of Bontempi Casa sideboards and cupboards, items with a modern and refined design, available in various sizes and styles, for sale at super affordable outlet prices.

Bontempi sideboards and cupboards can be placed in different rooms of the house, from the dining room to the kitchen, from the entrance to the sleeping area, versatile, functional and decorative accessories, with a linear design that covers the modern, classic, minimal , industrial and Nordic.

Precious details and infinite colors and finishes, discover modern sideboards, kitchen sideboards, design sideboards, wooden sideboards, entrance sideboards, modern cupboards, cupboards with showcase, the best of made in Italy just a click away, on our online shop you can buy furniture in a simple and fast way, we accept digital payments by credit and debit cards, bank transfer in advance and cash on delivery.

Every single Bontempi sideboard prefers made in Italy quality, design creativity, beauty and style, thanks to the collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, the use of top quality materials, the methods of craftsmanship.

Bontempi sideboard: stylish and design furnishings

To complete the style of the living room, in addition to the classic bookcases or equipped walls, there are sideboards, useful and functional furniture, perfect for renewing the mood of a room or the living room, compositions to create luxurious and refined atmospheres.

Stylish furnishings for refined environments , solutions that combine ergonomics and safety, discover the two or three-door cupboards, the suspended cupboards, complete with display cabinet, perfect for decorating the entrance to the house.

What are the best Bontempi sideboards?

Are you looking for the best Bontempi sideboard ? Take a look at our ranking based on the sales of the last few years and the reviews of the most loyal customers:

  • Pica Bontempi Casa sideboard: available in two versions, with base with lacquered steel plinth or with support frame with feet in lacquered steel.
    It is possible to accessorise the m adia with cable grommets and wireless charging , it is also possible to customize the back of the sideboard in different color finishes, for further information contact the assistance service.
  • Madison Bontempi sideboard: composed of two hinged doors, internal transparent glass shelf, mirrored internal backrest. Madison is characterized by the choice of finishes for the top , sides and doors that are available in lacquered wood , crystal or marble, and for decorative feet and handles of your choice.
  • Enea Bontempi sideboard: Enea is a program of sideboards and containers, made in different sizes and models, characterized by a wooden structure
    Enea is a modern piece of furniture, ideal for decorating your living room or living area with a touch of uniqueness and design.
  • Cosmopolitan sideboard Bontempi: Cosmopolitan is a modern piece of furniture , ideal for decorating your living room or living area with a touch of uniqueness and design.
  • Amsterdam Bontempi sideboard: with wooden structure and central shelves in transparent glass, with central baskets with push -pull opening system. Available in different models and sizes

Bontempi Casa news: the living room furniture for a more spacious home

Choosing living room furniture can seem like a daunting task, especially when you have a small home . We know how nowadays small apartments are more and more common in large and small cities . However, we must not despair because there is always a way to make our home as welcoming and stylish as it deserves, for example by choosing the Bontempi Casa novelties for the living area .

Today we offer you the Bontempi Casa living room furniture for small living rooms, chosen to help us make it seem larger . Modern chairs, designer sideboards, the inevitable mirrors and shelves can help us do this, especially if chosen with a subtle design and soft tones . We just have to discover the Bontempi Casa novelties that we have chosen to increase the visual perception of a small living area. Read more >>

Modern sideboard: a trendy furniture

Choose to furnish your home with a modern sideboard . It adapts perfectly to the environment and gives it a touch of elegance.

Where to place the cupboards in the house

The modern sideboard is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that integrates with the surrounding furniture of the room, creating ever new combinations. In order to understand how to make the most of them, you need to understand its use. It is in fact an ideal storage unit especially in the dining room or living room area . This way it can contain everything you need for the table equipment or as an extra chest of drawers. The arrangement is therefore quite versatile and suitable for any type of room, even if the opening dimensions must always be considered. Ideal near the dining table or behind the sofa. Read more >>

The sideboard: from its origins to the present day

furnishings that today furnish our homes, even the sideboard has ancient origins. Its use dates back to the Middle Ages when this piece of furniture was used to knead bread and to keep a cooked face. It is no coincidence that the term madia derives from the Latin magida , which means to knead. And, in fact, it was born as a poor piece of furniture, or rather, present in country houses where food storage was essential to ensure nutrition in lean times. Read more >>

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