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Discover the online catalog dedicated to Bontempi Casa chairs, modern and original chairs, stools, armchairs and folding chairs, versatile, comfortable and original furnishing accessories.

The Bontempi chair is a guarantee of quality, innovation and style, discover the wide range of materials, colors and finishes available, for indoor and outdoor furnishings, the most popular and sold models of the Italian brand: Kuga, Acqua, Aida, Nata, Gipsy, Eva, Polo, Mood, Galaxy, Chantal at Outlet prices, many discounts and promotions.

In this section you can buy Bontempi polypropylene, wood or metal chairs, office chairs, kitchen chairs, transparent chairs, rocking chairs, leather or eco-leather chairs, plastic chairs.

Bontempi chairs outlet, offers and discounted prices

Bontempi chairs outlet prices, discover the various offers on our online shop, buy with a simple click, choose from the available finishes and pay directly online.

Our portal is synonymous with quality and convenience, Bontempi Casa represents one of the most important and well-known brands of Made in Italy, thanks to the collaboration with the most important designers on the international scene and the numerous collections available.

Modern design chairs, all models available

In PVC or Plexiglass, in solid wood or metal, upholstered, folding chairs with a modern and trendy design, perfect for decorating the kitchen area, the dining room, the home garden.

The function of the room where the chair is located is a perfect piece of furniture to decorate the house and functional, on Arredare Moderno you will find Industrial style chairs made of metal and wood, soft and comfortable seats covered in velvet or fine fabrics for a classic style or luxury, minimal seating with clean lines or futuristic design for a modern home.

Bontempi Casa chairs, which are the best?

Bontempi kitchen chairs, which are the best? Let's find out together:

  • Ava Bontempi Casa chair : simple and linear design, ideal for any type of furniture. Eva is made with steel structure in various shades and polypropylene shell in different colors.
    Light but sturdy and versatile, Eva is stackable, a useful quality for saving space, and is perfect for furnishing with modernity and refinement both in domestic and contract environments .
  • Gipsy Bontempi chair : with armrests it has a simple and linear design, ideal for any type of furniture. Gipsy is made entirely of polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber in different colors. 100% recyclable, Gipsy is resistant to atmospheric agents and is ideal for the outdoor furniture of gardens and terraces.
  • Polo Bontempi Casa chair : characterized by a lacquered steel structure and with padded back and seat upholstered in various finishes of leather or fabric. With
    minimal and essential lines , but highly elegant and glamorous, Polo is perfect for furnishing with modernity and refinement both in domestic and contract environments .
  • Galaxy Bontempi Casa chair : made with the structure in polypropylene and fiberglass. It is a stackable chair, ideal for those with space problems. Galaxy is available in many colors and is a comfortable and versatile chair.
  • Mood Bontempi chair for outdoor : it is characterized by its lacquered steel structure with various finishes available. A product of excellent workmanship and quality that adapts well to outdoor environments, as it is weatherproof.
  • Chantal Bontempi Casa stool: fixed bar stool with a wide, enveloping seat and unique comfort upholstered in leather or fabric, in various color finishes, available in two versions, 34.79 and 34.80, with different seat height.
    Perfect to complete the modern, innovative and design furniture. Discover its features!

Bontempi Casa modern furniture: design seating for kitchen and living room

The modern style is a trend born after World War II, first in the real architecture field and then spread to other fields as well. One of the cornerstones of this style is the indissoluble link between aesthetics and functionality and, in recent years, this trend has gradually merged with the concept of minimalism. The modern furniture favors solid colors , with an eye for neutral colors and clean lines of the furnishings. An emblematic brand of modern style is undoubtedly Bontempi Casa , which has linked its name to splendid seats, ideal for enriching living rooms and kitchens that do not want to go unnoticed.

For this reason, today we have decided to show you a series of seats that fully show the Bontempi Casa philosophy in terms of modern furniture. Not only modern chairs and design stools , but also armchairs and poufs with that extra touch that your home has been waiting for. Read more >>

Mood Bontempi chair: all versions available

One of the products launched in 2018 and revisited in 2019 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan is the Mood Bontempi chair.

The peculiarity of this seating collection lies in its versatility. In fact, it is possible to choose between the upholstered and uncoated body, which can be combined with various types of structure.

Designed to furnish contract , residential and work environments, the Mood chair is available in different finishes and colors that make it a design complement that can be adapted to environments with a classic or contemporary style. Read more >>

Nata Bontempi chair: price, colors and outlet

Most of the chairs purchased on our website ArredareModerno.Com and not, are elegant but have a very simple and linear design. The new trends and new fashions for the home, in fact, require that the elements for furnishing must be elegant and with clear and clean lines. Thanks to the very basic design it is possible to adapt these chairs to any room in the house: from the living room, to the kitchen, to the hallway and - if the chair is made of a suitable material - even to balconies, terraces or gardens.

An example of elegance and quality at a very low price is the Nata Bontempi Chair . Made of resistant and durable material, it is excellent to be placed both in the living room, and therefore in the relaxation area of the house, and in the kitchen around the table. Being a very comfortable product, it is particularly suitable for receiving guests, friends and colleagues; but also to have dinner with the family and stay at the table afterwards. So let's see how this product is made: what are the materials, dimensions and patterns you can choose from. Read more >>

Malik Bontempi chair, price and reviews

Would you like to buy new chairs for your home but you don't know which ones to choose? In fact, not all chairs are the same and even for the same price there could be many differences in the quality of the materials or the design of the chair. Today in the world of furniture design and quality go hand in hand and all the best Italian products are the result of a happy union between the two aspects.

A company that has proven to be in step with the times and to combine experience and modernity is Bontempi Casa . ArredareModerno.Com has an extensive catalog with Bontempi furniture products: from chairs, to tables, to furniture for the various rooms of the house. One of the best-selling products on our website and in the Bontempi catalog is the Malik chair, an example of a modern and elegant chair, widely customizable and adaptable to any type of need.

The Bontempi Malik chair, in fact, has a solid and durable steel structure that can be covered with the most varied types of coverings. This feature is highly appreciated as the chair, with an elegant and minimalist design, is adaptable to any type of space: urban, rural, small or large.

Choosing the chairs at home is very important as in a particularly refined furniture these should not deviate too much from the motifs and colors adopted for the furnishing of the room. Read more >>

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