Beanbag ottoman, many models for every need

Discover our collection of modern beanbag ottoman, a comfortable and soft seat perfect for furnishing the living room at home, your child's bedroom or the terrace.

A practical, versatile chaise longue, beanbag ottoman made of various fabrics, from leather to eco-leather, microfibre, nylon, cotton, divided by size, small, large, medium, extra large, pear-shaped pouf, to be used as an armchair, a furnishing element.

Beanbag ottoman chairs, cheap design

To furnish your outdoor or indoor spaces, soft ottomans transform into armchairs by adapting to the body, making the seat comfortable, for maximum relaxation.

Modern and designer armchair beanbag ottomans, many styles to choose from, vintage, classic, modern, children's, retro, shabby chic, suitable for any environment.

For example, for children, we have soft ball-shaped ottomans, with prints and looks like footballs, volleyballs, tennis, basketballs, perfect for decorating the bedroom.

The beanbag ottoman chair is an eye-catching piece of furniture, pleasant to the touch, ergonomic seat that offers maximum relaxation, perfect for rest in front of the fireplace, reading a book, or watching TV in the company of friends and family.

Ergonomic beanbag chairs

The beanbag ottomans on sale on Arredare Moderno are made of fabric, leather or eco-leather, produced in Italy, resistant to abrasions and creases, waterproof and tear-proof, every single seam is reinforced by hand.

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, they do not hollow out the back, nor do they plunge the shoulders or neck. Some models come complete with a zip and Velcro closure to protect the inner padding and facilitate washing the lining.

Let yourself be conquered by the different proposals of Arredare Moderno, beanbag ottoman for outdoor use, pouf armchairs for interiors available and ready for delivery, in different sizes and colours.

You can also purchase other pouf models for home furnishing, design ottomans, models with storage, footrest, beanbag chair and ottoman coffee tables.

Who invented the beanbag chair?

The beanbag chair model was born in 1969 from the minds of three designers from Turin: Franco Teodoro, Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti. It was first presented to Aurelio Zanotta, the famous non-conformist designer (after whom his company is named), as a vinyl sack filled with expanded polystyrene balls.

"We thought of the old mattress made of chestnut leaves that was used in peasant cultures all over the world: you take a big bag, fill it with leaves or neutral materials and this somehow has the function of accommodating the body." Cit. Piero Gatti.

In a short time, the beanbag chair gained celebrity and became one of the most famous industrial design products of the 20th century, exhibited in several museums throughout Europe and America.


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