Video interview with Ernesto Barbieri CEO of Tonin Casa and with the designer Angelo Tomaiuolo

The first video interview, which inaugurates the new Stories of Architecture and Design column of Arredare Moderno Blog, tells the story and evolution of Tonin Casa, a brand that symbolizes the most authentic Made in Italy. What better way than through the voices of Ernesto Barbieri and Angelo Tomaiuolo, respectively CEO and top designer of Tonin Casa? The video interview will make us discover two aspects of the brand: the first is linked to its history, leading products and the future, while the second explores the world of furniture design. Listening to the words of Ernesto Barbieri and Angelo Tomaiuolo, we will discover Tonin Casa icons, how the idea of furniture is born and what the future holds for the Venetian brand.

La video intervista a Ernesto Barbieri e Angelo Tomaiuolo

Tonin Casa: the icons of the brand told by Ernesto Barbieri

If at the beginning Tonin Casa focused its production on entrance furniture, starting from the nineties there has been a change, which has seen a preference for classic furniture first and then the modern one. Thus begins Ernesto Barbieri interviewed by Antonella Mangiaracina by Habitante, who continues the interview by asking him how Tonin Casa looks today. The CEO of Tonin Casa shows all the pride in running a company that manages to satisfy the customer thanks to the short supply chain connected with the technical department, but also in being an example of recognized Made in Italy, whose products furnish both the living and sleeping area.

Butterfly table

A first iconic product of the brand is Tonin Casa Butterfly table, made with a thermo-curved wood structure, which can be combined with glass, ceramic, wood and marble tops. It is a table that expresses minimalism in design while being refined in lines.

Draft Butterfly table

Another piece of furniture told by Ernesto Barbieri is Still Tonin Casa table, also in thermo-curved wood and finishes available in Canaletto walnut, dark oak and black ash. It is available both as a fixed and extendable table.

Still table
Draft Still table

The last question concerns a novelty, namely Plume sideboard. Ernesto Barbieri talks about the collaboration born with Cristina Celestino, creator of Plumage ceramics collection, which materialized with the creation of an extremely elegant furniture.

Plume Sideboard

Plume is characterized by the union between wood and ceramic where each feather is inserted manually by the artisans and represents the winning example of the collaboration between companies in the same area. Soon Plume sideboard will also be available on Arredare Moderno e-shop.

Detail Plume sideboard

Tonin Casa: Angelo Tomaiuolo and design as a form of art

The interview with Antonella Mangiaracina of Habitante, in collaboration with Arredare Moderno, continues with Angelo Tomaiuolo, to whom the journalist immediately asks where his ideas come from. The designer begins by focusing on design. This process aims to pursue the quality of the product, which “embodies aesthetic, symbolic, semantic and innovative values“, which translate into commercial value. Designing for Tonin Casa means having a clear understanding of the history, DNA, cultural references and philosophy of the brand. Design is an art form, a dialogue between the designer, the company and the customer: the success of a product indicates that there has been a convergence between the intent of the designer and the expectations of the customer, favoring the interests of the company.

Mivida chair

As for furnishings and collections, the Habitante journalist asks Tomaiuolo how Mivida Tonin Casa chair was born. The designer says that Mivida is still a bestseller today. It was born in 2012 to promote the image of the brand, at that time in search of new inspirations. Available in two versions, chair and armchair, Mivida is the union between design and couture, ergonomics and functionality.

Draft Mivida chair

Mama collection, on the other hand, was born in 2019 and then expanded in 2020. The theme behind the collection is the maternal embrace, which protects and envelops, making you feel safe. Also in this case, the designer emphasizes the innovation of Mama Tonin Casa armchair, which has a truncated cone external shell. This is made with semi-rigid composite material and a ribbed wood core.

Mama armchair

Comfort is certainly what most distinguishes this furniture collection. Mama collection is divided into armchair, sofa and expanded in 2020 with pouf and bed, soon to be purchased on Arredare Moderno.

Draft Mama armchair

The interview ends with the update on the new logo of the brand, redesigned by Tomaiuolo himself. The new logo aims to convey to the customer a new image of Tonin Casa, more in line with the brand values and history.

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