Modern and design wooden beds, the best of made in Italy

Wide range of modern and design wooden beds, made in Italy by selected brands such as Bonaldo, Cantori, Dèsirèe, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis, Tomasucci, Tonin Casa and many others.

In this section you can buy beds with wooden frames divided by models and finishes, wooden double beds, single or single and half beds, French beds, sommier and King Size, standard beds 160 x 190 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 140 x 190 cm, 200 x 220 cm.

Double beds in solid wood or lacquered, with high or low feet, complete with storage box or without, headboards in matching wood, natural wood, covered in leather or fabric, many classic design models, special, perfect for all environments and furnishing styles, from modern to classic, shabby, country, minimal, industrial, solutions for all needs.

Special wooden beds, trends 2022

Dark tones, natural finishes, modern combinations, among the most popular types of wood in 2022 we find solid wood, laminated wood, honeycomb, maple, birch, Parana pine, toulipier, zebrawood, spruce, chestnut, cypress, poplar and elm.

The wooden beds offer numerous trendy finishes that are easy to match with the rest of the bedroom. All the products in our online store are handcrafted in Italy, following scrupulous work processes and using only the highest quality materials.

Among the latest trends we find beds with a solid wood frame and headboard covered in fabric or natural nubuck leather. The reassuring and warm effect of wood goes perfectly with the elegance of velvet, offering solutions with a great aesthetic impact and refined at the same time.

Among the best-selling models of 2022 we find the Michelangelo double bed by Tonin Casa, made with a solid wood frame and upholstered in leather, eco-leather or grain leather, accessorizable with a 3D mattress or slatted base, on sale at a discounted price of 2778.00€.

Lacquered wooden beds, colours, models and online discounts

One of the many advantages of choosing a wooden double bed is that of being able to choose any colour, thanks to the possibility offered by lacquered wood. There are many colours available, from classic dark tones to more lively ones such as red, green, gold, ivory or white.

In addition, it is always possible to choose between opaque or glossy lacquered colours, designed to meet any style requirement. For example, glossy white is perfect for shabby or luxury style furnishings, while a black lacquered wood bed is perfect for modern or industrial style environments, giving the bedroom elegance and class.

Wooden beds with or without storage box?

As with other models, wooden beds also come with a storage box located under the mattress, a functional solution that increases the space available in the room for storing sheets, extra pillows, bed linen or out-of-season clothing.

Wooden beds with storage box are available on all models with a high bed-ring, both solid wood and lacquered, offer technological and easy-to-use opening mechanisms, and are also available in single or single and a half bed versions.

Solid wood beds - comfortable, beautiful and economical

Solid wood beds possess very special characteristics that are difficult to find in other models, from beauty to solidity, timeless charm and ease of combination. The modern beds in our catalogue are true handcrafted sculptures, providing maximum relaxation in the bedroom without sacrificing protection and time.

The products in this section allow infinite combinations and customisation, being able to select during the purchase phase: measurements, shapes and lines of the headboard, additional accessories such as leg or foot supports, and support bases.

Where to buy modern wooden beds?

On our online shop you can buy all the products on display, within each product sheet you will find detailed information on measurements, components, finishes, brands, once you have added the product you can proceed to purchase using any discounts and promotional codes and pay safely by credit card, bank transfer, PayPall circuit.

What to match modern double beds with?

It is quite obvious that if left bare, we limit the aesthetics and style of the whole décor, because it is more exposed than the others due to the furniture that makes up the room.

There are many ways to decorate and obtain excellent stylish results, which is why we have made a list starting with the most important and used decorations and ending with the most particular and innovative ones, yes because the wall at the head of the bed represents an opportunity to assert one's personality and make the bedroom a truly exclusive place. >> Read more >>

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