Modern upholstered double beds, the best of made in Italy

A unique and special collection, discover our modern upholstered double beds, with or without storage box, perfect for furnishing your bedroom in style, a selection of the best Italian brands: Bolzan letti, Bonaldo arredamenti, Cantori letti, Cattelan Italia, Dèsireè divani, Famar materassi, Felis, Itamoby, Noctis, Tonin Casa.

The modern upholstered beds in our catalogue are perfect for any furnishing style, with elegant lines, soft headboards, available in all sizes, standard 160 x 190 cm, king size 220 x 260 cm, French style 140 x 190 cm, you can choose from models with high or low feet, upholstery covered in fabric, leather, velvet, faux leather, quilted velvet and fine fabrics.

Discover a unique collection of special, designer upholstered beds with elegant lines, a high, soft headboard and colourful cushions. Choose from single, single and half or double models in various sizes, with high or floor-standing feet and covers in leather, fabric, imitation leather or quilted velvet.

Upholstered beds: finishes and materials available

Are you looking for an upholstered double bed? Discover Arredare Moderno's collection, modern upholstered beds with an attractive design, a classic or contemporary look, expressing a strong personality, with a choice of fine upholstery such as nubuck leather or organic leather, silky velvet and suede, luxurious premium fabrics, with a natural look, many colours and textures to meet all furnishing needs.

Beds with upholstered headboards, luxury and trendy solutions

Among the most elegant and trendy solutions of our e-commerce we find upholstered double beds with velvet finishes, with shaped and comfortable headboards, quilted workmanship and attention to detail, to furnish the bedroom with style, velvet gives elegance to the entire environment, refinement and nobility.

Upholstered storage beds, the solutions of Arredare Moderno

Another solution chosen by our customers is the upholstered double bed with integrated storage box, equipped with a single or double lift mechanism, easy to use, where you can store bed furnishing accessories such as sheets, pillows, plaids, cushion covers or off-season clothing.

All upholstered double beds with storage are made in Italy, handcrafted, with a modern design, such as the beautiful Blo 118 bed by Dèsirèe divani, with a multilayer structure, polypropylene feet, and upholstery in a choice of fabric or leather, available at the discounted price of €1762.89

Choosing an upholstered bed for more comfort

The choice of an upholstered double bed is not only ecstatic, in fact for those who like to read a good book or watch TV before sleeping they need a comfortable upholstered headrest, so this choice also falls to increase the comfort of the bedroom.

In addition, the upholstered bed remains one of the most elegant and stylish models in our entire online catalogue, thanks to its low prices, the possibility of purchasing from the comfort of your own home, and safe and fast shipping in Italy and abroad.

Beds with upholstered backrests, the alternative solutions

To improve the quality of are and the comfort of our bedrooms, the solution of the padded backrest is certainly the main one, but for those who already own a bed and do not want to change it, they can opt for the purchase of headboard cushions, comfortable and functional, perfect for improving the aesthetic effect and comfort before sleeping.

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