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There is no denying that armchairs and outdoor sofas are the garden furniture everyone wants to have. Maybe it's because they express comfort and cosiness, maybe it's because the outdoor living room always exerts a special charm, but the fact is that garden furniture has seen a surge in sales in recent decades.

Accomplice also to the attention given to open-air spaces from many points of view: furnishings, lighting, development of resistant and practical materials, the garden is now considered on a par with indoor spaces. This is because a properly furnished garden can be used during the day and in the evening: during the day to enjoy the summer breeze, in the evening to chat with friends. We can even enjoy it in winter with plaids and outdoor heaters, if the winters in the area where we live are not harsh.

Garden furniture: sofa and armchair types

Among the most popular garden furniture are sofas and armchairs, which can transform a garden or terrace into an unrivalled cosy place. These are elements that not only offer comfort when we have guests, but also add value to your home.

Garden armchairs: they are outdoor furniture halfway between an armchair and a chair. A garden armchair takes from the armchair its ability to envelop the person sitting in it, and from the chair its size. They can be made of various materials, from plastics to various metals.

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  • Garden sofas: these are sofas in their own right, usually made of materials resistant to weathering and sometimes supplied with fabric cushions. Outdoor sofas are timeless garden furniture in their many forms, just like living room sofas.
  • Plastic garden sofas, iron, wood, metal, two- or three-seater sofas.

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- garden chaise longues: these are very popular garden furniture, which are winning over more and more people thanks to their undeniable comfort. With this type of outdoor seating we can relax, yes, but in the open air, with all the benefits that this entails.

For garden chaises longues, we recommend: DRIADE

- Lighted garden furniture: This type of outdoor furniture performs two functions, namely that of the furniture itself and that of an actual lamp. Lately, we are seeing a spread of armchairs, poufs and other furniture that can be illuminated at nightfall, thanks to built-in LEDs.

For luminous garden furniture, we recommend: PLUST - SERRALUNGA

- Garden benches: among the furnishings for our garden or terrace there are also benches, perfect to be placed along the pathway or, if our green space is large enough, even scattered here and there, perhaps between two hedges.

For garden benches, we recommend: SERRALUNGA

- armchairs: this outdoor lounge furniture could not be missing to create a corner to welcome our guests or ourselves during warm spring days or hot summer evenings.

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Garden furniture materials, plastic, iron, wood

The materials from which garden furniture such as sofas and armchairs are made are very diverse. Materials of natural origin include wood, generally Taek, an exotic wood that is immune to water and moisture. Then there is rattan, which is extremely light, durable and requires no special maintenance. Usually, rattan furniture is supported by an aluminium frame, which accentuates its lightness. The same applies to wicker, another popular material for outdoor furniture and made from the young branches of a particular willow variety.

In addition to materials of natural origin, those made of plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene deserve attention. Inexpensive and absolutely practical, plastic garden furniture is much more durable than those made of wood, rattan or wicker. Finally, there is metal furniture that is unbeatable when it comes to elegance, extremely durable but heavy to move, especially if made of wrought iron or steel.

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For metal garden furniture, we recommend: CANTORI - COLOS - DRIADE - SERRALUNGA

For rattan garden furniture, we recommend: DRIADE

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