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Whirlpool baths: indoor models for a luxurious bathroom 

Needless to say, the whirlpool bath still represents a forbidden dream for many people. The possibility of dedicating yourself to the well-being of your body after a long day of work is something that many of us aspire to. Beyond the relax factor, a hot tub also brings prestige to the home bathroom, better if positioned in such a way as to catch the eye as soon as you cross the bathroom threshold. The real benefits of the hot tub are several, starting from the stimulation of blood circulation, often compromised by sedentary work, to the drainage of body fluids. For those who practice sports, this tub relaxes the tension of the muscles, while promoting the opening of the pores, deeply purifying skin.

Whirlpools: Types

The whirlpool tub is clearly different from the classic bathtub: it differs from the latter by a series of nozzles from which jets of water mixed with air come out, which bring beneficial effects to our body. All this takes place thanks to an electric pump to which pipes inside the tank are connected. From the vents, externally, the air that determines the formation of bubbles enters. It is precisely the bubbles that determine the well-being that we feel during the bath and continue until a few hours later. Depending on the shape of our bathroom, we can choose from many models of indoor whirlpool tubs, but the most popular are the rectangular and corner models:

- Rectangular whirlpools: they are the most common ones but also those with reduced sizes, suitable for small bathrooms.

- Corner whirlpool baths: this type of whirlpool bath must be placed in a right corner of the bathroom, preferably large.

- 2-seater jacuzzi tubs: these tubs have the characteristic of having two workstations, ideal for those who love to share pleasant moments of relax with their partner.

One of the most important factors before choosing an indoor whirlpool tub for your bathroom is the size. Very often it happens that the whirlpool, even more if it is a 2-seater jacuzzi tub, cannot be installed because of the size of the bathroom. The corner models usually have the following sizes: 130 x 130 cm, 140 x 140 cm, 150 x 150 cm, 160 x 160 cm, while the rectangular whirlpools can be 120-130-140 or 150 by 70 cm.

Whirlpool baths materials: Acrylic

Whirlpool baths, as well as classic tubs, can be made with different materials, more or less resistant and precious. Among the most used and appreciated materials for the production of indoor whirlpool tubs we find methacrylate or, more simply, acrylic. Methacrylate is used for the creation of whirlpools or bath tubs of all shapes and sizes, by virtue of its numerous qualities such as lightness and resistance. In addition, methacrylate, although it can be easily scratched, returns with the same ease to the original shine thanks to the minimum polishing effort.