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Toilet Paper Holder Design: Original and Unique

In the heart of contemporary design, it's often simplicity combined with innovation that creates everyday objects turned into true works of art.


Our online shop embodies this principle, offering a unique selection of design toilet paper holders that combine refined aesthetics and impeccable functionality. These pieces aren't just practical; they bring a breath of freshness and originality to every bathroom, transforming a necessary daily item into a sophisticated design detail.

Quality, Price, and Speed: The Perfect Trio for Every Purchase Our commitment doesn't stop at offering exclusive designs; it aims to ensure an excellent shopping experience for each customer.

Through truly affordable prices, regular discounts, and unbeatable promotions, we want to make the art of design accessible to everyone. And for those who think that quality and originality are confined within national borders, we're pleased to announce that our shipping covers both Italy and abroad. An opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in a world where design meets utility, and beauty blends with practicality.

On, you can purchase the finest Made in Italy models, meticulously designed luxury objects, thanks to collaborations with brands like Geelli, Flab Bathroom Furniture, and Inda Bathroom Accessories.


Toilet Roll Holder Design: Models, Sizes, and Finishes Available

The world of toilet paper holder design is vast and diverse, with each model reflecting a unique aesthetic and functionality.

  1. Vertical – Simplicity and elegance define this design. Positioned vertically, it takes up less horizontal space and suits smaller bathrooms.

  2. Horizontal with Shelf – Perfect for those who desire extra functionality. The shelf can hold a smartphone or small daily use items.

  3. Suspended – Attached directly to the wall, this design provides a clean and minimal look, eliminating floor clutter.

  4. Freestanding – For those who love a touch of originality, this model comes in unexpected and creative shapes, from artistic sculptures to organic forms.

  5. Wall Mounted: Exclusive design with soft and refined lines, to hang wherever you want, with the option to use traditional wall screws or suction cups.
  6. Floor Standing: Sought-after and exclusive models, to place on the floor.

Available Sizes:

Toilet paper holder dimensions vary depending on the model and specific needs:

  1. Standard – Typically measuring around 15-20 cm in width, fitting conventional toilet paper rolls perfectly.

  2. Compact – Ideal for bathrooms with limited space, these versions are slightly narrower but equally functional.

  3. Double – For those who want to have a spare roll handy, these models can accommodate two rolls simultaneously.


Beauty lies in the details, and finishes play a crucial role in accentuating the aesthetics of the toilet paper holder.

  1. Polished Chrome – Reflective and modern, it suits contemporary bathrooms perfectly.

  2. Brushed Steel – With an industrial touch, brushed steel offers a matte finish resistant to fingerprints.

  3. Antique Brass – Perfect for retro or classic environments, it adds an touch of elegance.

  4. Wood – For those seeking a more natural and organic feel, wood finishes provide warmth and texture to the design.

These are just a few examples of models, sizes, and finishes available on Explore our shop to view all products and make a secure purchase.

History, Design, and Evolution of Design Toilet Roll Holders

The history of the toilet paper holder dates back to the invention of toilet paper itself. In its early days, toilet paper was stored in boxes or simple holders without much attention to aesthetics.

However, with the advent of industrial design and the growing emphasis on interior aesthetics, there arose an interest in making even these everyday objects both functional and beautiful.

Designers: Over the years, various world-renowned designers have seen the toilet paper holder as a blank canvas ready for experimentation:

  1. Philippe Starck: Known for his ability to transform common objects into art pieces, Starck revolutionized the concept of toilet paper holders, introducing materials like crystal and innovative forms.

  2. Antonio Citterio: Blending functionality with minimalist aesthetics, Citterio presented designs that emphasize purity and simplicity, fitting for modern and clean bathrooms.

  3. Patricia Urquiola: With a penchant for organic shapes and natural materials, Urquiola brought a fresh and unexpected approach to the world of toilet paper holders.

The transformation of the toilet paper holderover time has been deeply influenced by both its intrinsic function and its external form. Initially, the emphasis was almost exclusively on functionality. This was manifested in simple designs like brackets or hooks, which were often discreetly placed, if not hidden.

However, with the advent of mass production and growing attention to interior design, the aesthetic aspect of the toilet paper holder began to gain ground. This manifested in a variety of variations, experimenting with different materials and styles, giving the toilet paper holder a more decorative dimension. Now, in a modern era where art and design are increasingly intertwined, many toilet paper holders have taken on a unique position, acting as true artistic statements.

These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also challenge traditional conventions and stimulate deeper reflection on their meaning and place in the broader context of art and design.

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