Corner sofa beds

Corner sofa beds: convertible, pull-out sofa bed, modern

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Types of corner sofa bed

Corner sofas are a great solution for optimizing space in the home and offering an extra bed when needed. They combine the efficiency and comfort of a sofa bed with the small footprint of a corner sofa. Here is an overview of the main models available on the market :

  1. Corner sofa beds with folding mechanism : This type of sofa converts into a bed by opening like a book. Just lower the backrest and you will get a comfortable and spacious bed. The main advantage of this mechanism is ease of use and speed of transformation.
  2. Corner sofa beds with drawer mechanism : In this case, the bed is hidden under the seat of the sofa and can be pulled out like a drawer. Once the bed has been extracted, the base is raised to the desired height and the mattress is positioned. This type of corner sofa bed is ideal for those who need an extra bed without compromising the aesthetics of the sofa.
  3. Pull-out and convertible corner sofa beds : These sofas offer an even more versatile solution, as they can be transformed into single, double or even bunk beds. The extractable mechanism allows you to pull out the bed hidden under the seat, while the transformable system allows you to change the configuration of the sofa to adapt to different needs.

In addition to the different transformation mechanisms, modern corner sofas are available in various styles, materials and sizes, to adapt to any environment and personal taste. The choice that best suits your needs will depend on the intended use, available space and desired design.

Materials. coverings and sizes, how to choose the right corner sofa bed?

beds are available in a vast range of materials, coverings and sizes, to satisfy everyone's needs and tastes. Here are some of the most common options you can find on the market:

Materials and coatings:

  1. Fabric: Fabric sofas are very popular due to their cozy look and the wide range of colors and textures available. They are easy to match different decor styles and bring a touch of warmth to the room. Among the most common fabrics are cotton, linen, microfiber and velvet.
  2. Leather: Leather sofas are elegant, durable and easy to clean. Leather is a natural material that ages well and can last a long time if cared for properly. The leather corner sofa beds are available in various colors and finishes, from classic brown to modern white or grey.
  3. Faux Leather: Faux leather, or synthetic leather, is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to natural leather. Faux leather corner sofa beds look similar to real leather, but are lighter and require less maintenance. They are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit different decor styles.

Dimensions and measures:

  1. Small corner sofa beds: Ideal for small rooms or multifunctional rooms, they take up less space without sacrificing functionality and comfort. They can accommodate one or two people to sleep and easily adapt to different decor layouts.
  2. Large corner sofa beds: For those who need more sleeping space or want a sofa that becomes the focal point of the living room, the larger models offer a large surface area for sitting and sleeping. They are ideal for large families or for those who like to host friends and relatives.
  3. Made-to-measure corner sofa beds: If you have special needs in terms of dimensions, many manufacturers offer the possibility of making made-to-measure products. You will be able to choose the exact dimensions, coating and transformation mechanism that best suit your space and your needs.

Keep in mind that, in addition to the different materials, coverings and sizes, corner sofa beds are also available in various styles, designs and with additional functions, such as integrated storage or poufs, to perfectly adapt to your needs and preferences.

Additional functions and accessories

These products are in themselves an excellent solution to save space and offer an extra bed, but some models also offer additional functions and accessories that further increase their versatility and practicality. For example, some models come with a practical built-in container , perfect for storing sheets, pillows and blankets, or for hiding everyday items that could create a mess. This feature is particularly useful in small rooms where storage space is limited.

Another additional feature you might find is the presence of an ottoman or chaise longue , which provides a comfortable relaxation area to stretch out your legs or accommodate additional guests. These elements can be integrated into the design of the sofa or be separate pieces that combine with it, providing greater flexibility in the arrangement of furniture.

As for the accessories, you can further personalize your corner sofa bed with decorative cushions and sofa covers , which add a touch of color and style to the room and protect the original upholstery, furthermore, you could consider adding coffee tables and lamps to match to your corner sofa bed, thus creating a welcoming and functional environment for relaxing, working or entertaining guests.

Care and maintenance, the advice of Arredare Moderno

The maintenance and care of your corner sofa bed is essential to ensure its durability and appearance over time. A well-maintained and clean sofa helps create a welcoming and comfortable environment in your home. First of all, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the specific material of your sofa, as each material requires different treatment.

For fabric models, it is advisable to vacuum the surface regularly to remove dust and debris. In case of stains, use a mild detergent and a damp cloth to dab the affected area, avoiding rubbing to avoid damaging the fabric. If the lining is removable, follow the washing instructions indicated on the label.

For leather and eco-leather sofas , it is important to clean the surface with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. For natural leather, use a leather cleaner and apply a moisturizer periodically to keep the material soft and supple. Faux leather can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent.

In addition to cleaning, it is important to periodically check the mechanism of the sofa bed to make sure it is working properly and that there are no damaged or loose parts. Lubricating moving parts, if necessary, and tightening any loose screws or bolts can help keep your sofa bed in top condition.

To preserve the color and texture of the material, avoid exposing the sofa to direct sunlight or excessive heat sources. By following these simple guidelines, your corner sofa bed will keep its looks and functionality for many years to come.

Interior design ideas with corner sofa beds

Corner sofa beds are a functional and elegant solution for furnishing living spaces, while offering an additional sleeping place for guests and family members. Here are some interior design ideas to incorporate them into your space:

  1. Create a multifunctional area: In a living room or open space, use a corner sofa bed to divide the space into distinct zones , such as a relaxation area and a work or study area. The corner sofa bed will act as a visual and acoustic barrier between the different rooms, while still maintaining an open and airy atmosphere.
  2. Optimize small spaces: In small apartments or studios, a corner sofa bed can replace a traditional bed , freeing up precious space during the day. During the night, the sofa can easily be transformed into a comfortable bed for sleeping.
  3. Create a guest area: If you have an extra room or an unused corner, consider placing it to create a welcoming guest area. During the day, the area can be used as a relaxation or reading space, while in the evening it can quickly transform into a guest bed.
  4. Take advantage of corners and niches : our products are ideal for taking advantage of unused spaces, such as corners or niches in rooms . By placing the corner sofa bed in these spaces , you can maximize the use of the available surface without sacrificing comfort.
  5. Matching colors and materials: Choose a model with a finish and color that matches your decor style . The fabric corner sofa beds offer a wide range of colors and textures, while the leather and eco-leather models add a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  6. Accessories and lighting: Complete the area with decorative pillows, blankets and rugs to add warmth and personality to the space. Use floor or table lamps to create soft, welcoming lighting around the corner sofa bed.


By incorporating these interior design ideas into your space, you can make the most of the functionality and aesthetics of corner sofa beds , creating a welcoming and versatile environment for you and your guests.


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