Modern children bedroom desk, made in Italy

The best modern children bedroom desk you can buy online, discover Arredare Moderno's catalogue, there are hundreds of desks for children and teenagers with an original design and extremely functional, made in Italy, such as the brands: Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Driade, Scab Design.

Children's bedroom desks online, discover our catalogue

Desks for teenagers and children available in different models and prices, for a modern and elegant furniture, to match the furnishing style chosen for the bedroom set. You can choose finishes, dimensions, accessories, directly on the product page and pay online on our website in complete safety, we accept payments with credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, cash on delivery and instalment payments.

The desks from Arredare Moderno are customisable, you can choose the colours to match, the colours for the top and finishes, the materials, from wood to metal, PVC and glass.

Children bedroom desks for boys and girls, perfect for every style, inexpensive and luxurious.

To buy a desk for boys? Take a look at our collection of bedroom desks from Arredare Moderno, with or without drawers, with PC support, with bookcases, wall-mounted, available in many colours and finishes, made in Italy, selected by the most popular and well-known brands: Cattelan Italia, Scab Design, Driade, Bonaldo and many others.

Corner children bedroom desk, with or without drawers

Corner desks for your children's study area, space-saving and comfortable, excellent for drawing, reading and doing homework, they create an all-round living environment and make study time enjoyable. You can choose from corner desks with drawers, with a PC stand, with a bookcase included.

A children bedroom desk is a space in which to give free rein to children's creativity, which is why we have selected only the most original and modern models, complete with ample worktops, made from non-toxic raw materials, each base has received an anti-scratch treatment, and the design is meticulously detailed.

Our selection of modern desks for children and young people offers models with wooden or metal legs, with shelves for books and notebooks, drawers to store school objects, from diaries to pencil cases, from toys to clothing accessories.

Space-saving desks with bookshelves and shelves

Between primary schools, middle school and high school, children grow up, their needs for study and hobbies change, and it is therefore useful to plan from the outset to purchase furniture for the bedroom that adapts to these changes. In particular, the choice of desks must take into account the possibility of additional space such as shelves, drawers and bookcases that can allow for better storage and organisation of textbooks and school material, without sacrificing design and practicality.

Desks with bookcases for children's rooms, inexpensive, on offer

Among the most appreciated models of desks with bookcases for kids there is the "desk with bookcase My Pezzani" composed by the desk Mydesk and the wall bookcase Myshelf, with a modern, simple and essential design, the desk has an etro structure and a laminate top, the wall shelves composing the bookcase have a matt white, dove grey, slate grey background, the discounted price on Arredare Moderno is € 759,99 instead of € 1.034,00.

Desks with bookcases are particularly appreciated for their modern design and the possibility of keeping the bedroom tidy by creating a real study or office corner.

Desks with drawers for children's rooms

Design, shelves and open compartments are fundamental elements in the choice of a desk, in particular the choice of having additional drawers is very important, as the desk is a place to study or draw, your child will need to organise all his or her things in an orderly manner, from stationery accessories to books and notebooks.

On Arredare Moderno you will find numerous models with drawers, Italian products, of high quality, resistant and economical, the desk with drawers is very traditional, moreover some models have a side drawer unit for less leg space.

Folding or double desks

Movable desks have a sliding top underneath the main one, usually used to place the PC keyboard or drawing sheets. There are also other more convenient models, called console desks, where the structure of the top underneath and the main one is hidden.

Double desks are models designed for children's rooms with two children, with a shelf for both of them to study or colour, ideal to avoid buying two separate desks that would be more expensive and bulky.

How to choose a desk?

The first thing to analyse is how long the desk will be used, if the decision is to have a piece of furniture that will not be replaced over the years then you will need to make sure you buy a model that will also fit when your child becomes a boy, the choice of colours will need to be more sober, as will the size and accessories attached.

Conversely, if you have the possibility of replacing the desk every 5/6 years then you might opt for smaller, more colourful models, leaving the choice up to your child.

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