4 seater garden swings offers

4 seater garden swings, functional and design

The best 4-seater garden swings made in Italy, discover the latest offers and new models to furnish your outdoor area in style.

The garden swing is perfect for creating corners for relaxing and resting at home, in the garden or on the terrace. Among the most appreciated and requested models of Arredare Modero are the 4-seater garden swings, which adapt to the needs of style and outdoor furnishing.

Used to give personality to even the most sterile outdoors, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the warm spring and summer days, loved by adults and children alike, available in different finishes and materials, with structures in wood, iron, steel or metal.

How to choose the best garden swing?

Choosing a garden swing must take into account many variables including the space available for the furniture, the number of family members, and the interior space to store the swing in colder weather.

Thanks to our extensive catalogue, you will be able to choose the right product for you. For example, for small balconies you can choose 2-seater swings, while for the garden or spacious terraces we have 3-seater swings and 4-seater swingss, complete with cushions, reclining backrests, mosquito nets, armrest tables, iron or wooden frames, and coloured or single-coloured fabrics.

Wooden swings or iron swings?

The choice must also fall on the type of material attached to the structure of the rocker. Wooden swings are perfect for adapting to nature and the outdoor environment thanks to the warmth and cosiness of this valuable material, while iron or metal swings are the elegant and romantic alternative.

4 seater garden swings, our offer

On Arredare Moderno you will find numerous garden models at super discounted prices, many seasonal promotions and discount codes dedicated to the brands and our newsletter for maximum savings. Discover our products selected from the best companies in the sector: Scab Design, Serralunga, Tomasucci, Cattelan Italia, Driade and many others.

How to clean a garden swing?

Cleaning is very simple, like any garden furniture you will need to dust it and wash it with water and neutral soap, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for the dirtiest areas, always using a soft microfibre cloth.

We recommend covering the swing or storing it indoors during the winter months, as rain and wind would eventually ruin it, and aluminium or iron models are prone to rust.

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