Matching kitchen and living room furniture: 5 rules to follow

Furnishing the kitchen and living room together in 5 steps

The kitchen, which has always been the hub of the home, is now increasingly important, so much so that it needs more space and is often preferred to join it with the living room in an open space. Here are 5 simple rules to follow for furnishing the kitchen and living room together.

Furnishing a kitchen in an open space

Those who have only one large room at their disposal more and more often choose to leave it as such in order to allocate a single large room to different activities. It is no coincidence that, among the furnishing trends of the moment, open space is becoming increasingly popular, as it favours conviviality and sharing. In fact, among the main advantages of this conformation is that of not ‘abandoning’ one’s guests while preparing exquisite dishes, and of not feeling ‘sad’ and ‘alone’ while washing dishes.

Obviously, for the result to be impeccable, elegant and functional, it is a good idea to follow and put into practice 5 simple rules regarding the style of furniture, the colours and materials to prefer, and more generally the organisation of the various areas.

kitchen and living room

Matching kitchen and living room furniture: 5 rules to follow – francesca tosolini – unsplash

1 Careful planning to optimise space

Designing the kitchen and living room in one large room not only allows you to optimise space, but also to create an environment, as mentioned, in which conviviality is encouraged. Obviously, both spaces must be designed with care and attention to detail so as not to neglect functionality and comfort. Therefore, to make the kitchen and living room comfortable and visually distinct, first of all it is necessary to evaluate the square footage and space available.

One of the main rules to follow is to avoid placing the kitchen near the entrance, an often chaotic area, in order to create a certain fluidity and guarantee maximum freedom of movement. This can be achieved, for example, by means of a separating element, an island or peninsula or a small wall, on which food can be prepared and eaten.

kitchen and living room

Matching kitchen and living room furniture: 5 rules to follow – francesca tosolini – unsplash

2 The choice of floor and wall coverings

When furnishing the kitchen and living room together, the choice of wall and floor coverings is also of fundamental importance. Indeed, it is necessary that the end result is of quality and presents a certain harmony and continuity of style. Therefore, the materials to be preferred are those that are stain and impact resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid parquet and orientate the choice towards materials such as stone and porcelain stoneware. These materials are extremely elegant and can make the room cosy.

kitchen and living room

Matching kitchen and living room furniture: 5 rules to follow – francesca tosolini – unsplash

3 Colour matching

When furnishing an open-plan kitchen and living room, attention must also be paid to the colour scheme. The general rule, which also applies here, is to choose a maximum of three colours. Trendy today are neutral colours that contribute to the creation of a cosy and harmonious ambience. Those who wish to create an ambience with brighter colours can do so by choosing objects, accessories and details that can enliven the room.

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4 Practical and functional furniture

When furnishing an open space, one must never forget that although the kitchen and living room are part of one room, they must be visually separated. As mentioned, this can be facilitated by a kitchen with an island or a simple dining table. In this respect, the kitchen with an island is suitable for large rooms. The result is extremely elegant, especially if the kitchen island top is chosen in natural and valuable materials, such as marble. On the other hand, if the available space is limited, the important thing is to choose practical and functional design furniture that can give character to the room. The ideal is a table that can stand out for its aesthetics, capable of defining the dining area.

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5 A touch of style with accessories and design objects

Finally, to complete the decor of the kitchen and living room, accessories and design objects are the ones that make the difference. Indeed, decorations on walls, shelves and floors allow the room to be personalised. Therefore, welcome are vases, holders, lamps and rugs that can enhance every corner of the room according to one’s taste. These can be placed on the table, on the island, but also on shelves and bookcases.

In this way, thanks to the right elements and the sought-after combination with colours and materials, it is possible to achieve an inimitable ambience in line not only with one’s own personal tastes but also with those of the other inhabitants of the home. Able to impress all guests, even the most demanding ones.

kitchen and living room

Matching kitchen and living room furniture: 5 rules to follow – francesca tosolini – unsplash


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