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How to furnish your living room? The answer is not that difficult. Furnishing the living room may seem difficult because of the infinite number of accessories and furnishings that can be placed in it. Standard furniture consisting of a sofa, coffee table and some sideboards is not enough to make the living room cosy and comfortable. To give a modern effect, it is important first and foremost to choose elements with a beautiful, innovative design.

On Arredare Moderno you will find the best brands of tables, chairs, bookcases, coffee tables and everything you need to make your “personal relaxation area” comfortable. In any case, it is also possible to furnish the living room in a classic manner, as long as the furniture is chosen critically and coherently. The articles in this blog will therefore periodically present you with the latest trends in the sector and guides with interesting ideas to reproduce in your own home.

Spring furniture: sustainability and trendy colours

Spring 2023 Trendy Furnishing

Renewing home furnishings in spring time Spring furniture is perfect for renewing any space in your home. Trendy furnishings in 2023 range from botanical and jungle-themed furnishings, with plants and bright, yet soothing colours,...