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Many wonder how to decor the bedroom with a modern design. Although the bedroom is ideally included in the sleeping area and is a “private” part of the house, often inaccessible to guests, it is essential to furnish it in a modern and elegant way. The well-being of the family starts from the bedroom, since it is the place where statistically you spend most of the 24 hours of a day. Indeed, there are several elements that must be connected together in a bedroom: wardrobe, bed style, bedside table, lamps, lighting, coffee tables.

To avoid furnishing your bedroom in a too traditional and usual way, therefore, the items contained in this category of Arredare Moderno blog will give you ideas on the products of the best brands, many of them exclusively Made in Italy, but above all tips on how to combine furnishings and secondary elements. The latest trends will be periodically updated, without forgetting, for customers who request it, the telephone assistance service on purchases, to give the customer the best possible shopping experience.

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Gervasoni beds: buying guide!

Beds Gervasoni represent the pinnacle of elegance, comfort, and innovation in the world of bedroom furniture. Our buying guide will take you on an exciting journey to discover these high-end creations, providing you with...

Latest trends in bedroom furniture

Latest trends in bedroom furniture

The latest trends in bedroom painting include both neutral, pastel shades and brighter, bolder hues. Furnishing a bedroom in the best possible way means creating a cosy and relaxing environment. The choice of bedroom...