The most beautiful and unusual suspension lamps

Suspension lamps offer functional and also aesthetically pleasing lighting.

Lighting is an essential element in any interior design. A well-lit room is also more comfortable to live in as well as more welcoming. Artificial light must clearly be conceived as a support to natural light, which is fundamental for liveability in any context. Chandeliers and suspension lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling or wall lamps: depending on practical needs, furnishing style but also personal taste, it is good to carefully evaluate the choice of the type of object that will illuminate a given space. It is also important to know how to combine different lighting points, so as to make each room functional on the basis of the activities that may take place there during the course of the day.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno – Canva

The main lighting points in the home

In the home, whatever the room to be considered, a single light point is never sufficient.

In the dining room, for example, a central point above the table must necessarily be provided to make mealtimes comfortable, avoiding glare and shadow zones. Often, the most suitable type of lighting is provided here by pendant lamps, perfectly adaptable to any style context.

In the living area, on the other hand, a central lighting and a more relaxing one next to the sofa or near the TV set must be foreseen. The ideal solution here is a dimmable luminaire that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light according to the moment (relaxing moment, watching a film, evening with friends).

A more functional and direct light goes instead in the kitchen, on the worktop, island or peninsula, accompanying the central light source.

In the bathroom it is necessary to provide first of all a central light point and a more direct light in the washbasin area, not dazzling and directed so as not to create unsightly shadow zones. In the bedroom it is a good idea to provide a central point of light, two points of light at the sides of the bed, on the bedside table, and perhaps some points of light inside the wardrobe or cabin.

In the entrance hall, on the other hand, it is necessary to provide a welcoming, glare-free light so that it does not make the arrival into the house uncomfortable.

Suspended lamps: a functional and attractive solution

Artificial lighting is a fundamental element to take into account when furnishing a space. In order to ensure diffuse and homogeneous lighting, one of the most functional solutions is the inclusion of pendant lamps. This is a type of lighting fixed to the ceiling that almost seems to be suspended in the void. Precisely because of its location, it allows the room to be better illuminated. Pendant lamps are suitable as a central lighting point.

Modern pendant lamps can be made with one or more elements depending on the desired degree of artificial brightness. Thanks to their design, modern pendant lamps are not just a simple lighting fixture, but become true furnishing accessories. Available in the most varied materials, shapes and finishes, they can be perfectly adapted to any furnishing style, creating stylistic harmony in any space.

Where and at what height should pendant lamps be placed?

Pendant lamps are perfect as a central light point in the kitchen, as a light point in the dining room above the table, as a main light point in living rooms, in the bedroom and in the bathroom. Their height should be determined according to their position. They should therefore not be too low, because they would not be able to illuminate larger rooms well, nor too high, because their functionality would be devalued and they would not be enhanced on the aesthetic side either.

In particular, above the dining table, snack table or above the peninsula or island of a kitchen, pendant lamps should be spaced about 80 centimetres from the base below.

The 10 most beautiful designer pendant lamps selected by Arredare Moderno

The Can Can Colico Suspension Lamp

The Can Can Colico pendant lamp has a modern design, elegant and refined shapes. Thanks to the thin steel wires of which it is made, it manages to create a pleasant play of light and shadow.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Can Can Colico Lamp

The Kushi 33 KDLN Kundalini Lamp

The Kushi 33 KDLN Kundalini lamp with its round, delicate lines is very versatile. The ideal solution for illuminating elegantly designed spaces. The diffuser made of blown glass can decorate the room in a unique way.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Kushi 16 Kundalini suspension lamp

The Minimal KDLN Kundalini Suspension Lamp

The Minimal KDLN Kundalini pendant lamp has a unique design in its simplicity. It is a luminous piece of furniture that is not bulky but capable of becoming the true protagonist of the space in which it is placed.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Minimal Kundalini suspension lamp

The Coimbra Cattelan Italia Suspension Lamp

The Coimbra Cattelan Italia hanging lamp is characterised by a transparent sphere, slightly flattened in the centre. Inside it houses a painted glass bell. It is a perfect solution for lighting a modern dining room.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Coimbra Cattelan Italia suspension lamp

The Acqua Cini & Nils Suspension Lamp

The Acqua Cini & Nils suspension lamp is dimmable with direct or indirect light. Made of aluminium, it offers a wide range of compositions that can be customised to suit specific tastes and requirements.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Acqua Cini & Nils suspension lamp

The Lady Galala Martinelli Luce Suspension Lamp

The Lady Galala Martinelli Luce suspension lamp consists of a combination of geometric shapes and colours. It has an internal aluminium body and three diffusers in different finishes. Its shades recall the hues of the sea, sand and sky.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Lady Galala Martinelli Luce suspension lamp

The Japan S Midj Suspension Lamp

The Japan S Midj hanging lamp has a design reminiscent of the straw hats typical of Asian populations. Perfect for living and dining rooms, it is made of white or black painted metal to match the rosette.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Japan S Midj suspension lamp

The Bell Myyour Pendant Lamp

The Bell Myyour pendant lamp has a vintage look, perfect for illuminating industrial and other environments.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Bell Myyour suspension lamp

The Pomi Rotaliana Suspension Lamp

The Pomi Rotaliana hanging lamp made of steel is characterised by a round lampshade. It is suitable for lighting elegant and modern contexts.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Pomi Rotaliana suspension lamp

The Charlotte Slamp hanging lamp

The Charlotte Slamp pendant lamp has a pleasant modern design characterised by a honeycomb pattern.

The 10 most beautiful suspension lamps on Arredare Moderno

Charlotte Slamp Suspension lamps

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