The sideboard: from its origins to the present day.

Like many furnishings that furnish our homes today, the sideboard also has ancient origins. Its use dates back to the Middle Ages when this piece of furniture was used to knead bread and to keep it once cooked. It is no coincidence that the term madia derives from the Latin magida, which means to knead. And, indeed, it was born as a poor piece of furniture, or rather, present in country houses where food storage was essential to ensure nutrition in lean times.

Over time, the sideboard has begun to appear even in stately homes, with the same function, but also with that of furnishing spaces such as the dining room. Today the modern sideboard has retained its primary function, but the colors, materials and styles with which it is made are countless, so much so that finding the perfect one for the style of your home is child’s play. In this article we will focus on three types of modern sideboard: in wood, steel and glass, each of which with unique characteristics.

The wooden sideboard: Matisse Tonin Casa

Matisse Tonin Casa

As already mentioned, the sideboard over time has been transformed into the main piece of furniture of the hearth for decorative furniture, while maintaining the original rectangular shape. One of the most classic versions, at least in terms of materials, is the wooden sideboard. Its strength lies in the ability to give that warm atmosphere to the living room or dining room and, at the same time, be extremely contemporary. From the poor woods used in the past (poplar or pine) to the sought-after ones such as walnut and cherry, the modern wooden sideboard is still enjoying considerable success, so much so that there are still many models on the market that are truly noteworthy.

An example? Tonin Casa Matisse sideboard is that piece of furniture you were looking for if your intent was to give dynamism and warmth to the living area. Indeed, thanks to the circular decorations on the external surface, this sideboard is the perfect balance between playfulness and elegance. Moreover, it is made of lacquered MDF wood on a brushed bronze or brushed copper painted metal base, therefore stable and solid. It can be with 3 or 4 doors and a base with two painted metal finishes, so as to adapt to various types of furniture. Tonin Casa also offers options such as the top in black back-painted glass or extra-clear white.

Steel sideboard: Boutique Cattelan

Boutique Cattelan Italia

Steel is one of the most resistant materials and widely used to create contemporary style furnishings and accessories. The silvery color, the glossy or satin finish and the strong resistance to scratches and chips make it much loved by those who prefer a home furnished with quality minimalism. Obviously, we are not talking about furniture made entirely of steel, but of elements that see the combination of this alloy with materials such as crystal, glass, wood and leather.

Even the sideboard can be made of steel and an example is Boutique sideboard Cattelan Italia. This model comes with a modern and refined design, perfect for classy living areas. It is available with structure and feet in black embossed painted steel while the doors, sides, top, bottom and inner shelf can be chosen in different crystal finishes. The inner backrest is covered and indeed, thanks to the internal LED lighting included, it creates a warm and very elegant effect at nightfall.

Glass sideboard: Shoji Tonelli Design

Shoji Tonelli Design

Contrary to what one might think, glass can become a fairly resistant material, if treated with adequate processing techniques. Glass and crystal are materials widely used today for the construction of tables, desks, bedside tables and, of course, modern sideboards. Thanks to the exclusive qualities such as transparency, visual lightness and reflective capabilities, the glass sideboard is recommended if you need a piece of furniture that does not obstruct the space visually, therefore suitable for small or poorly lit environments.

Beyond this, the glass sideboard will be able to bring a breath of modernity as it would happen if we choose Shoji Tonelli Design model. The brand is famous for its glass and crystal creations and Shoji embodies Tonelli’s unique style. This sideboard has a fixed base or on wheels, characterized by extra-clear satin or smoked glass, with mirrored sliding door. It can be equipped with a comfortable wooden chest of drawers. Instead the doors are available in the following finishes:

  • Mirror
  • Smoked mirror
  • Bronze mirror

If you prefer ceramic finishes, they are available for the doors, top and back in the following finishes:

  • matt Noir Desir
  • polished Noir Desir
  • matt Emperador
  • polished Emperador
  • glossy Grigio Orobico
  • polished Calacatta arabescato

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