Modern kitchen table, to create a comfortable and functional environment

The table is an essential piece of furniture in the kitchen. Together with the chairs, it is the protagonist of this part of the house. In order for the modern kitchen to be well furnished, it is good that the table inserted in it is really the right one. The selection criteria are different and all very important. From the aesthetic aspect, to the material, to the sizes, each of these elements is important to create a comfortable and functional environment.

Cattelan tables: the selection of the most beautiful with Arredare Moderno

Glass table for the modern kitchen

The glass tables for the modern kitchen are undoubtedly very refined and of great aesthetic impact. Thanks to the excellent quality of the glass, they are also very resistant and scratch-resistant. Midj Diamante table has the structure and legs made of painted steel. An ideal piece of furniture for modern kitchens and living rooms.

Diamante Midj table

Wooden table for the modern kitchen

Wood is a material that never goes out of fashion, sustainable and perfectly adaptable to any style of furniture, from the most modern to the most traditional. This is why a wooden table is also the perfect solution for the modern kitchen. AX table by Bonaldo has a simple and linear design, ideal for more or less modern environments. AX is made with a steel base painted in different shades. The barrel top is available not only in wood but also in ceramic to meet different aesthetic needs. It is characterized by the base formed by two elements that cross X, hence the name. AX is perfect for furnishing the kitchen area with modernity, refinement and originality.

Bontempi Casa fixed rectangular Delta table is characterized by geometric shapes intersected by precious details. These elements give Delta table a strong personality with a refined character in any context it is inserted.

Tonin Casa: refined tables for the modern living area

Marble table for the modern kitchen

Furnishing your home with marble means giving a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the living spaces. Marble is a valuable element to be used in the furnishing of a home. It is a recurring natural material in the most ancient architectures, but which returns to be the protagonist of modern and contemporary homes.

Slot table by Bonaldo has an innovative design, ideal for dining rooms and modern kitchens. The model with painted metal base and marble top is perfect for furnishing with modernity, elegance and absolute uniqueness.

Slot Bonaldo table

Extendable table for the modern kitchen

The modern kitchen must have a certain functionality as its main feature. Extendable tables are undoubtedly a practical and functional solution, perfect for a modern environment. Thanks to their transformability and adaptability, extendable tables are able to optimize kitchen spaces and can be far more functional than fixed models.

Pranzo Scab Design extendable table is a piece of furniture with a modern and essential design, made with a metal structure and compact laminate top available in different color finishes. It is ideal for completing the furnishing of both modern indoor kitchens and modern kitchens cut out in outdoor locations, such as in large gardens or terraces.

Pranzo Scab extendable table

Round table for the modern kitchen

The round table, considered out of fashion for a while, has made a comeback in recent years. The fixed round Delta table has a refined character in any context it is inserted, even in the modern kitchen. Its structure is characterized by decorative details that create particular plays of color that make Delta an exclusive table.

modern kitchen table

Delta Bontempi Casa round fixed table

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