Open space in modern style: design ideas and tips

An open space furniture allows you to organize the living space by recovering a precious area between the walls in order to unite different rooms by removing the walls between the rooms.

Home decor trends: illuminated furnishings for your living room

Why do we choose an open space furniture

Compared to a classic environment, an open space solution guarantees more airiness and volume and allows you to make the most of the light sources. The ability to create a single room also allows the recovery of useful spaces. It is a perfect idea for both apartments and offices. It is the ideal formula for creating small apartments, simply combining living room, dining area and kitchen. Some solutions include the insertion of a bathtub in the bedroom, especially when you are faced with panoramic views.

The project of a modern open space

Designing an open-plan house is therefore a trend that can be useful. Contemporary homes, albeit often small in size, are perfect for moments to spend with friends in environments that mix various styles and influences. Choosing to set up an open space depends on the need to have greater flexibility by creating multifunctional spaces.

Which are the most important things not to be underestimated when opting for an open space?

Surely the first thing to do is to define the spaces that will be illuminated by the light. There are many architectural choices that allow you to increase the feeling of spaciousness thanks to calculated plays of light. Any space that seeks to eliminate dividing walls must be able to enhance the smaller spaces dedicated to specific activities thanks to partitions, movable panels and other details that will modulate the area to the fullest.

Furnishing a two-room apartment in a modern style: design tips

What should we choose to furnish an open space

An open environment is perfect for creating harmonious areas capable of mixing different functions and styles. You are spoiled for choice. Among our advice, however, we believe the following solutions cannot be missing.

Sintesi Altacom table

A table with an extendable rectangular ceramic top and with inner extension. With a linear and essential design, it is perfect for those who want to furnish both the dining area and the living room with style and without excess.


Open Space in modern style: design ideas and tips

Alaska Cattelan Italia armchair

A minimal design for an elegant accessory and with refined lines. Entirely made of polished stainless steel, it is extremely light and it adapts to both contemporary and traditional settings.


Open space in modern style: design ideas and tips

Calimero Cattelan Italia Lamp

A ceiling lamp with lampshade in different shades that allows a wide diffusion of light. It is the perfect solution for living room and kitchen.

calimero Cattelan lamp

Open space in modern style: design ideas and tips

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