Elegant bedroom: the rules for a dream atmosphere

The elegant style in the bedroom is easy to achieve with the right furnishing elements and some matching advice.

Cantori beds for the Venetian style bedroom

How to create an elegant style in the bedroom: the tips

If you have decided to furnish an elegant modern bedroom, pay attention to these four fundamental aspects:

  • Lighting: the light points that enhance the right angles are a fundamental piece of furniture to outline the aesthetics of the modern style. The chandeliers and bedside lamps are available in various shapes, from the most classic to the most innovative or minimalist. It is also important to have light that is easy to adjust and direct for better lighting management.
  • Colors: to make an elegant bedroom there are some colors that are particularly suitable. Among these certainly there is no shortage of black and white, if used in moderation. Other colors to consider are pink, grey, dusty blue and sage green.
  • Decorations: in addition to the furniture, in an elegant room you can not miss accurate details, such as paintings, mirrors and refined ornaments. All elements that contribute to giving the environment an even more refined look.
  • Style: it is not enough to have decided to make a more elegant room, you also have to decide on a typology as individual elegant elements together could create a very kitschy environment. So pay attention to the choice of shapes, colors and materials in harmony with each other.

Modern style sleeping area with Bolzan beds

The details of an elegant bedroom


Elegant bedroom: the rules for a dream atmosphere

Picabia bed by Bonaldo designed by Giuseppe Viganò is sparkling and innovative, ideal for modern furnishings. It has a wooden and wood conglomerate structure and a choice of upholstery among different finishes. Available in different sizes to meet all space needs.


Elegant bedroom: the rules for a dream atmosphere

Selene Extra Large bed by Bolzan Letti has a modern and refined design. It has a large headboard and can have an aluminum or fir wood structure, resistant materials that last over time. For the upholstery you can choose among different finishes of fabric and leather, in this way it is possible to adapt it to various styles of furniture and satisfy the most disparate tastes.


Elegant bedroom: the rules for a dream atmosphere

Adone by Cantori is a dresser covered with mirrors. It has 3 drawers with fully extractable runners and slowed recall. All covered in beveled mirror with handles and feet in metal or bronze. A dresser with a vintage flavor perfect for an elegant bedroom.


Elegant bedroom: the rules for a dream atmosphere

Squaring by Bonaldo bedside table has a structure in wood and wood conglomerate and a choice of upholstery among different finishes, a feature that allows it to be easily adapted to various furnishing styles. Also available with stainless steel top.

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