American beds: sizes, styles and features

Around the world, each country has specific standards for bed sizes. American beds: what are the sizes, styles and characteristics?

American beds are famous and well-known for being among the largest and most comfortable types of beds compared to other standards in the world. Not only wider, but also taller, American beds are essentially divided into three different types: single size, king size and queen size. Here, all the specific characteristics of each model.

American beds

American beds: sizes, styles and features – Canva

American beds: what are the bed sizes in America?

Beds in America are really huge. The most popular models are called single, king and queen, which would correspond to the Italian designations one square or single, one and a half squares, and two squares or double.

  • The American single size bed is 90 centimetres wide and 190 centimetres long.
  • The American King size bed, on the other hand, is about 150 centimetres wide and 198 centimetres long.
  • The American Queen size bed is a full 180 centimetres wide and has a standard length of 2 metres.

These measurements are quite different and far removed from other standards, and therefore also different from Italian dimensions. In Italy, in fact, beds are much smaller.

Single beds are in Italy, 80 centimetres wide and 190 centimetres long. Italian single beds are 120 centimetres wide and 190 centimetres long. Double beds, or also called double beds, are 160 centimetres wide and 190 centimetres long. It is clear that we are talking here about standard measurements, so these lengths can obviously be longer if necessary, in the case of specific requirements.

American beds

American beds: sizes, styles and features – Canva

American beds: specific characteristics of the mattress

American beds are, as explained, different from beds in other countries also in relation to height – the bed base is more than 35 centimetres from the floor – and in relation to the thickness of the mattress. The American one, in fact, has a different design and offers unparalleled comfort.

American bed mattresses, born in the United States of America and designed to meet the specific needs of the American public, which, on average, has a different build and is taller and heavier, have characteristics and specific features designed specifically for the inhabitants of the American continent, although, in fact, in recent years, American mattresses are gradually making their way elsewhere as well, conquering an increasingly large market.

American bed mattresses are characterised by their rather high height, as well as their greater thickness compared to traditional mattresses. They are also made of different materials and of different densities. American bed mattresses are particularly impressive and long-lasting. They are more spacious, comfortable, cosy and characterised by a more appealing design.

In general, American mattresses are around 23 to 25 centimetres thick (to understand better, in Italy a mattress is 17 to 20 centimetres thick), but they can reach a thickness of 40 centimetres.

American bed mattresses offer several advantages for rest: thicker, higher and more spacious mattresses are, in fact, able to guarantee a more comfortable sleep and thus also optimal rest.

American beds - matress

American beds: sizes, styles and features – Canva

What is a pillow top?

American bed mattresses are characterised by the so-called pillow top. This is a much thinner mattress and consists of anti-pressure and temperature-regulating material. This mattress is added to the structure of the main mattress and provides additional comfort and also hygiene for the body during the sleeping hours.

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American beds: the eye wants its part too!

Not only from a functional and structural point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view, American beds are somewhat different from other types. An American bed, in fact, to be really such, must be characterised by:

  • more visible pillows in style with the bedroom décor. Square and rectangular, the decorative pillows must be mixed and matched in the right
  • way, opting for the combination of patterns and solid colours most suitable for the room.
  • Two soft, down pillows for sleeping.
  • A duvet perfectly compatible with the size of the mattress.
  • A plain or patterned duvet cover set.

Next to the American bed, then, whatever the furnishing style of the room, the presence of an armchair next to the bed and a chest at its foot is a must, a fundamental support surface on which to place all the furnishing pillows when you go to rest (since there are so many of them!).

American bed- american style

American beds: sizes, styles and features – Canva

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