How to clean a sofa: solutions for every upholstery

How to clean a sofa with a non-removable cover: no fear!

How to clean sofas, especially those with non-removable covers, is always a bit scary. In the case of stains, it can be difficult to remove the dirt if you do not act promptly. Each type of upholstery requires a specific cleaning technique depending on the characteristics of the fabric: waterproof, dry-clean only, smooth or suede.

In this article, we propose solutions for how to clean sofas with the most popular coverings such as leather, fabric, microfibre, alcantara and velvet.

How to clean a sofa

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How to clean leather, eco-leather and nubuck leather sofas

Cleaning leather sofas and similar coverings such as eco leather or nubuck leather is not so straightforward. For the daily cleaning of your leather sofa, you need to follow a few but fundamentally important rules that will help you keep your sofa looking as good as new.

First of all, leather is a “alive” material and needs to be moisturised and nourished with special creams for leather, which can be found on the market, or even with home remedies such as skimmed milk or cleansing milk. In this way, you will be able to smooth out possible cracks or lines that may appear on the leather after a few years.

How to remove stains from a leather sofa is another issue that can cause problems for housewives. Even in the case of stains, there is no need to be afraid. First of all, it is necessary to understand what kind of stain it is, whether it is chocolate, coffee, alcoholic drinks or sugary drinks that leather, by its nature, absorbs. The most important thing is to act immediately and not let the stains dry out. To remove them, use a cotton swab soaked in a solution of Marseille soap or cleansing milk and dab and do not rub.

How to clean a sofa

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How to clean a fabric sofa easily

Without too much effort, to wash a fabric sofa, it may be indispensable to purchase a steamer. In fact, the use of steam is an excellent alternative to machine washing the removable parts, but the only solution for the sofa without removable covers. Moreover, steam is particularly effective in removing bacteria, mould and mites, and at high temperatures it removes stains and dirt. There are different types of steamers on the market, even at prices that are not too high, such as the Ariete and Polti brands.

Cleaning fabric sofas is also possible with natural remedies. One among many is bicarbonate of soda. Cleaning the sofa with bicarbonate of soda is child’s play. Simply dissolve a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a litre of hot water, soak the sponge and wring it out so as not to get the fabric too wet, and gently rub the area affected by the stain.

How to clean a sofa

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How to clean alcantara sofa: what not to do

Alcantara is a special fabric that has no weft but is obtained through a spinning process with another draining process.

Alcantara sofas are beautiful pieces of furniture but very delicate and difficult to keep clean, especially if there are children in the house. In any case, it is recommended to buy an alcantara sofa with a removable cover, because the covers can be washed in a washing machine with mild detergent at 30 degrees. Then, the covers should be dried not in direct sunlight but in a covered place.

If, on the other hand, you have an alacatara sofa with a non-removable cover, it is highly inadvisable to wash the sofa with steam. This, in fact, could alter the fibres that make up the fabric due to the high temperatures.

In general, cleaning alcantara sofas should be done daily to avoid too much dust accumulating on the sofa and, consequently, more difficult to remove. The alcantara sofa can be washed with a well-washed and squeezed white cotton cloth! Never use cloths with prints that could stain the fabric in contact with water.

How to clean a microfibre sofa: how to orient yourself

The microfibre sofa is one of the best sellers, as this type of covering lasts over time and is easier to clean and keep as good as new.

The most important thing to do before embarking on cleaning the microfibre sofa is to read the label and know how to interpret the abbreviations that indicate how to wash it. The most common markings are:

  • W when a water-based product can be used;
  • S when a product without water must be used;
  • S/W when products with or without water can be used indiscriminately;
  • X when no product can be used.

However, it may happen that you do not have the label or have difficulty understanding the indications regarding the material. In these cases, it is best to play it safe by using a hoover with soft bristles and a non-water-soluble product (not water-based).

In the case of stains, you can rely, here too, on home methods, such as Marseille soap, water and vinegar or water and bicarbonate, and rub it on the stained area and leave it to act for about twenty minutes. Afterwards, wash and remove all soap residue with a damp cloth or a brush with soft bristles to avoid stiffening the fabric.

How to clean a sofa

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How to clean a velvet sofa effectively

Having a velvet sofa in the home is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. But do we know how to clean it and what to do in case of stains?

For daily maintenance of velvet, it is a good habit to vacuum it once a month or brush the upholstery to get the dirt out and then vacuum it up.

The situation becomes more complicated if the velvet is accidentally stained. Whatever the stain, always act promptly. If a liquid has been spilled, take a clean, dry cloth and dab, with movements from top to bottom, without rubbing until all the liquid has been absorbed.

If you notice that the stain has remained or there are old stains, remove them with lukewarm water and unscented dish soap. Dilute the solution until it shiuma and try it with a microfibre cloth first on a hidden part of the sofa. Wet the cloth and wring it out so as not to get the sofa too wet, you risk ruining the velvet. ‘Pat’ the affected area and leave it to work for 30 to 60 minutes. The last step, once the stained area is completely dry, is to brush it with a clothes brush that has soft bristles so that the stain comes out completely and the velvet returns to its general condition.

how clean a sofa

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