Martinelli Luce: Tischlampen, Hängelampe, Wandlampen und Stehlampen, Beleuchtungssysteme

Martinelli Luce is a well-known Italian company in the field of lighting, founded in Lucca in the 1950s by Elio Martinelli.

Elio Martinelli initially dedicated himself to interior design and the organization of fittings for shops, restaurants, hotels and bars; later, however, he decides to concentrate solely on the design of lighting fixtures: the first catalog comes out.


Multidot Martinelli Luce Hängelampe

Verkaufspreis 2.086,20 € -28% Preis 1.502,06 €

Multidot Martinelli Luce Hängelampe

Verkaufspreis 2.086,20 € -28% Preis 1.502,06 €
Multidot Martinelli Luce Hängelampe mit diffusem Licht, erhältlich in verschiedenen Kombinationen. Bestehend aus einer variablen Anzahl von 24-V-Elektrokabeln, erhältlich in zwei Längen (L 2,5 m / L 3,5 m), sind an jedem Kabel 12 oder 16 Opalkugeln mit einer 0,8-W-LED-Lichtquelle befestigt. Komplett mit verkabeltem Deckenbaldachin mit elektronischer Stromversorgung.

Metrica Martinelli Luce Stehlampe

Verkaufspreis 1.207,80 € -28% Preis 869,62 €

Metrica Martinelli Luce Stehlampe

Verkaufspreis 1.207,80 € -28% Preis 869,62 €
Metrica Martinelli Lamp Stehlampe mit direktem Licht, das sich ein- und ausschaltet, wenn die LED-Lichtquelle herausgezogen oder im Lampenkörper neu positioniert wird. Struktur aus stranggepresstem Aluminium, weiß oder schwarz lackiert, Sockel weiß.

Cyborg Big Martinelli Luce Stehlampe

Verkaufspreis 951,60 € -28% Preis 685,15 €

Cyborg Big Martinelli Luce Stehlampe

Verkaufspreis 951,60 € -28% Preis 685,15 €
Cyborg Big Martinelli Luce Stehlampe, mit direktem oder diffusem Licht. Mit Rotationstechnologie geformter Lampenkörper aus Polyethylen in Grün, Rot oder Weiß. Die farbige Version des Cyborg Big besteht aus Geco 30-Material, der besten Wahl für mechanische Leistung. Geco 30 enthält EcoAllene®, das aus dem Recycling von Polylaminaten gewonnen wird. Das Unternehmen Ecoplastem hat mithilfe patentierter Techniken ein Produktionssystem entwickelt, das die Verwendung von Polylaminatabfällen (PO-AL) zur Herstellung von EcoAllene® ermöglicht.

Elio Martinelli is known both in Italy and abroad and collaborates with important designers in the sector, managing to win prizes and obtain recognition.

Passion, meticulous work and the will to keep up with the times have contributed to making the brand a point of reference for those who work in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

All Martinelli products are inspired by nature and the essentiality of geometric shapes, making them unique and inimitable. Furthermore, Martinelli Luce has always based its company policy on three fundamental values: innovation, essentiality and new points of view.
Emiliana Martinelli, who currently directs the company together with her son Marco, carries on the same principles as her father, to guarantee the company a significant position among the industries in the sector.

Lighting plays a strategic role in home furnishings, it is important to know how to take advantage of all the light points. The right light, in fact, can change the atmosphere, the perception of space, enhance the furniture, etc. When we talk about light we do not only mean the light source but also the object that generates it, that is the lamps that are distinguished as: table lamps, floor, suspension and wall lamps. For this reason, Martinelli Luce uses the best raw materials and uses experts in the sector to meet the needs of its customers.

Martinelli Luce lamps are elegant and innovative, they take shape from elements linked to nature and geometric perspectives, they are ideal for furnishing commercial activities such as clubs, bars or restaurants, thanks to modern lamps and indoor lighting systems.

Among the collections proposed by Martinelli Luce we also find the section dedicated to the office, modern lamps with a strong modern character, which can be used in Open Space and executive offices.

The geometric style and inspired by the world of nature can be found in some top models of Martinelli Luce brand, we are talking about Pipistrello, Calabrone, Serpente, Cobra, Rondini lamps, these models with an out-of-the-line design have a naturalist spirit, they are designed for optimizing the light in the rooms, starting with suspension, ceiling, table, wall and floor lamps and innovative spotlights.

Martinelli Luce Prominent designers

The prestige of the company is also and above all given by the contribution of its collaborators, or well-known designers on a national and international scale.
We obviously remember Elio Martinelli (founding father of the company) and his daughter Emiliana Martinelli, who with their creative and innovative spirit have created an empire in the lighting sector. But not only that, the company also collaborates with other designers, such as: Karim Raschid (award-winning designer on a global scale; his main goal is to spread the importance of design in everyday life. His works are exhibited in the most important museums such as the MoMA and the Center Pompidou), Gae Aulenti (he has designed important exhibitions and fittings at the Musée d'Orsay, the Guggenheim, the Center Pompidou and much more), Massimo Farinatti (best known for his works on interior architecture and industrial design), Paola Navone (architect, designer, art director, interior designer), Marc Sadler (pioneer of experimentation with materials and contamination between technologies), Alfonso Femia (visiting professor in the main Italian and international universities and award-winning designer in Italy and abroad) and many more…

Martinelli Luce collaborates with professionals already established in the sector but also with young talents to combine rigor, experience and creativity (a distinctive feature of the younger generations).

Martinelli Table lamps: Metrica, Elastica, L'Amica

Martinelli Luce table lamps aren’t only light generators, but they are also furnishing accessories. In fact, they present themselves as design objects that can customize the environment even when they are off. On the cabinet next to the sofa, on the entrance furniture, on the desk or bedside table, they always give that extra touch to the decor. Consequently, design and attention to detail are fundamental in the creation of this piece of furniture.

Martinelli Luce table lamps collections

Among the collections offered by the Italian brand Martinelli Luce we find the table lamps Metrica, Elastica, L’Amica, Y3, Clochard, Calabrone, Colibrì, Eva, Serpente and the most popular Pipistrello.

Pipistrello Martinelli Luce Lamp

This modern table lamp is called Pipistrello because it has spread wings, depicted just before the bat is fully opened, a lamp with diffuser and telescopic base, with soft and modern lines, with a unique charm, certainly the flagship product of Martinelli Luce, available in different colors.

Examples of designer table lamps are:

Iconic Pipistrello Martinelli lamp: design by Gae Aulenti

Pipistrello Martinelli Luce Lamp was designed by Gae Aulenti, who presented it as not simply “a machine for making light, but a shape in harmonious relationship with the context for which it was created”. The designer of the sixties indeed had a revolutionary soul and a unique vision of the world, read more >>

Martinelli Luce floor lamps Combra, Amarcord, Biconica

Like table lamps, floor lamps also have the dual function of illuminating and furnishing. Design floor lamps can be the absolute protagonists of lighting, their variety always guarantees a solution depending on the environment in which it is placed and they are perfect for enlarging small spaces and to offer warmth to largest rooms. They always represent a good solution for general lighting or to provide additional lighting in any space; in fact, if combined with wall lamps or chandeliers they can give a complementary light by offering an additional light point to the walls.

Martinelli Luce floor lamp collections

Among Martinelli Luce collections you can buy on our website: Cobra Scorpius, Amarcord, Biconica, Serpente, Pont, Pistillone, Elastica, L’Amica, Y3, Clochard.

Floor lamps are essential to illuminate every corner of the house or office, in this section you will find classic floor lamps, with base, stem and lampshade, arc lamps, with arched stem to be placed next to the sofa or to illuminate the bookcase. , the projector lamps that illuminate the ceiling by spreading the light throughout the room.

Among the various models of modern floor lamps we find:

Versatile floor lamps for every need

Particularly versatile and design. A solution that adapts perfectly to any style of furniture and living environment. Here are the tips of Arredare Moderno on floor lamps for a stylish home, read more >>

Suspension lamps: Babele, Plissè, Calabrone

Whether it's the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room, pendant lamps are essential elements to give style and elegance to the home. Versatile and made in countless shapes, suspension lamps have evolved and become much more than just an object to illuminate environments. They illuminate the environment from above, making it warm and welcoming.

Martinelli Luce suspension lamp collections

The suspension lamps light up the environment in a short time, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for illuminating the dining table or the bar corner, the collections by Martinelli Luce present a modern design inspired by nature, one of the most requested. we find: Colibrì, Lunapop, Kiki, Nuvole Vagabonde, Babele, Sound, Plissè, Maggiolone, Poliedro.

Some models of suspension lamps are:

  • Lunapop and Calabronet lamp by Eliana Martinelli
  • Kiki lamp made by Paola Navone.

Modern and trendy wall lamps

Wall lamps are distinguished above all by the fact that they don’t have a support base, as, as the name suggests, they are fixed to a wall. This aspect makes them particularly appreciated in environments with limited dimensions, where even the smallest footprint can be a problem.
All modern wall lamps have an arm to which the lamp holder is connected, a hook for fixing to the wall and of course a lampshade.

Martinelli Luce wall lamp collection

These geometric and functional indirect light lamps can be inserted in any furnishing space, Martinelli Luce presents different collections dedicated to this type of lamps: Wing, Tube, Luce, Geko, Mamba, Lucciola, Q8, Le Rondini, Mosca, Plan.

Among the various proposals for design wall lamps we find:

  • Tube lamp by Elio Martinelli
  • Luce Nera Lamp made by Marc Sadler
  • Geko lamp by Alfonso Femia.

Spotlights, outdoor, adjustable, LED, functional lighting

The adjustable Martinelli Luce spotlights are perfect for illuminating an object, a piece of furniture, a painting, creating a soft and functional atmosphere, being able to choose halogen or LED bulbs, with savings for the latter on costs, about 60% compared to the former, and gain over the duration, about 50,000 hours. Among the most loved and sought after Martinelli Luce collections for this category we point out: Bombo, R11, Riccio, EYE, R14, S20.

Martinelli luce: lighting and lamps on Arredare Moderno

The story of Martinelli Luce is a story made of commitment, genius and the desire to leave a mark. It all began in the distant 1950s when Elio Martinelli, fresh from specialization in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, began his collaboration with a lighting company in the city of Lucca. It is precisely this experience that makes Elio's desire to enhance light in interior design flourish, exploiting the latter's ability to define spaces and create atmosphere better than any other complement. This is where Martinelli Luce was born in the 1960s, a decade in which the rush to create avant-garde objects and furnishings was the daily bread, read more >>

Illuminate your home with the unique design of Martinelli light, novelties and trends 2022

Martinelli Luce is the reference company for choosing the best home lighting. Quality and design have always distinguished it and make it a point of reference for the whole industry, read the entire article >>

Martinelli Luce lamps for the bedroom, discover our solutions

The lighting of the bedroom is very important to relax and enjoy a regenerating rest, for this reason in addition to choosing the design of a lamp must also consider the right soft light suitable for the environment, Martinelli Luce offers modern lamps and chandeliers for every need, with a modern and innovative style, discover the solutions of Arredare Moderno to illuminate the bedroom.

Martinelli Luce Official online retailers

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