Tonin Casa Beds: double, single, queen size beds

Welcome to the world of Tonin Casa beds , where elegance meets functionality and design merges with innovation. Imagine falling asleep wrapped in an embrace of Italian style, with the certainty of having chosen a superior quality product that will transform your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and refinement.

For over three decades, Tonin Casa has been creating exclusive furnishing solutions , designed to meet the needs of those looking for a touch of luxury in their daily life.

Choosing a Tonin Casa bed means relying on one of the leading companies in the design furniture sector, famous for its passion for combining precious materials, refined finishes and unique details. Abandon yourself to the pleasure of a sublime rest and renew your bedroom with a work of art made to last over time. Get ready to be conquered by the Tonin universe and take a look at our collections: your dream of a perfect night is within your reach.

Collections and models

The company offers different models of beds, each with unique characteristics that distinguish them in terms of design, materials and functionality. Here are some of the main models and their distinguishing features :

  1. Random: features a modern and linear design with a high and padded headboard, offering comfort and style. The structure is made of wood and can be upholstered in fabric, eco-leather or leather, depending on your preferences. This model is available in several sizes, including single, double and king-size .
  2. Mama : Characterized by a minimalist and contemporary design, the Mama bed it stands out for its slightly inclined and padded headboard, which offers comfortable support while reading or resting. The structure is available in wood, with fabric, eco-leather or leather upholstery options, available in different sizes, including single and double.
  3. Bernini: offers a sophisticated and refined design thanks to the quilted headboard and the wooden or metal structure. Upholstery is available in fabric, faux leather or leather, offering a wide range of options to suit different interior styles, available in double and king-size sizes.
  4. Ambra : The Ambra model has a slightly curved headboard and a wooden or metal structure. The design is characterized by its elegance and its sinuous line. The upholstery can be chosen from fabric, eco-leather or leather, and the bed is available in double and king-size versions.

Types of beds and sizes available:

Tonin Casa offers a variety of bed types to meet the space and comfort needs of each customer. Here are some of the most common types and their standard sizes:

  1. Single beds: Ideal for bedrooms, spare rooms or smaller rooms, single beds are usually 80-100cm wide and 190-200cm long . These beds are designed to accommodate one person and can be paired with standard size mattresses.
  2. Double Beds: Designed to sleep two people, double beds are wider than single beds and offer more comfort and space. The standard dimensions for a double bed are 160-170 cm wide and 190-200 cm long . These beds adapt to larger rooms and can be combined with double mattresses.
  3. Quenn-size beds: For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and space, king-size beds offer an even larger sleeping surface. The standard dimensions of a king-size bed are 180-200 cm wide and 200 cm long . These beds are ideal for spacious bedrooms and can be combined with king-size mattresses.
  4. Storage beds: a functional solution that combines design and practicality. They offer additional space for storing linens, pillows and other items, ensuring a tidy and functional environment. These beds can come in different sizes, such as single, double, or king-size , depending on your needs.

Tonin Casa beds: finishes, dimensions and materials

Bed frames are often made from fine woods, such as oak, walnut and ash, and can be finished in matt or gloss lacquers for a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, some models feature metal frames, which can be painted in different colors or finished with chrome, bronze and nickel effects for a modern, minimalist look.

As for upholstery , Tonin Casa offers a wide range of quality fabrics including cotton, linen and blended materials, available in a variety of colors and textures to suit any personal taste. Additionally, you can choose faux leather or leather upholstery for a luxurious experience and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Tonin Casa beds are available in different sizes to meet the space and comfort needs of each customer. You can choose between single beds, ideal for bedrooms and smaller rooms, double beds for couples and larger spaces, and king-size beds for those looking for a truly luxurious rest experience. Furthermore, the Italian company also offers container beds that combine design and practicality , offering additional space for storing linen, pillows and other objects, guaranteeing an orderly and functional environment.

Tonin Casa: history and philosophy of design

The history of Tonin Casa has its roots in 1975, when Gianni Tonin founded the company in the heart of Veneto, Italy. Initially focused on the production of footwear, the company evolved rapidly, expanding its portfolio and specializing in the creation of high quality designer furniture. Thanks to his passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail, Tonin Casa soon became synonymous with excellence in the furniture sector, winning the hearts of customers all over the world.

Tonin Casa's design philosophy is based on the harmony between aesthetics and functionality, which is reflected in every product made by the company. The goal is to create furniture that is both beautiful and practical, enriching living spaces and improving the quality of daily life. Attention to detail, the use of precious materials and the constant search for new stylistic and technical solutions are the basis of Tonin Casa's approach to design.

The company is committed to promoting the values of Italian craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation in every piece of furniture. Tonin Casa designers work in close contact with the craftsmen, developing a synergistic relationship that allows for the creation of unique and distinctive products. This approach to design is inspired by a passion for excellence, attention to detail and the desire to offer furnishing solutions that embody the Italian lifestyle and its unmistakable elegance.

Tonin Casa beds: trend for a modern bedroom

Tonin Casa beds combine comfort with design. Furnishings protagonists of the sleeping area and able to adapt to every need.

Tonin Casa beds: design and comfort

The bed is able to influence the sleep of those who live it and, consequently, the quality of their life. Precisely for this Tonin Casa combines comfort with design , creating structures capable of being the undisputed protagonists of the bedroom.

These beds, created with different types of materials and available in many colours, are able to guarantee daily rest.

Furthermore, thanks to the highest quality materials and an unmistakable modern style , the sleeping area will become a real oasis of peace, pleasant to live in.

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