Tall outdoor plant pots, modern column vases for plants and flowers, Italian design

The best modern tall outdoor plant pots, to decorate the garden, the terrace of the house, the outdoor space of a bar or restaurant, garden pots made in Italy, an auction range of articles selected from the best brands: Khilia, Kloris, MyYour, Pedrali, Serralunga, Slide, Tonelli, Varaschin and many others.

Tall pots and outdoor planters to decorate your outdoor space in the best possible way, beautifully crafted articles made from top quality materials such as metal, steel, rustic stone, solid wood, terracotta, fibreglass and plastic.

Tall outdoor plant pots and cylindrical planters, large square, available in different sizes, from 30 to 60 cm, 1 metre or 1 metre and a half, you can purchase your new vase directly online and pay from the comfort of your sofa at home by credit card, bank transfer in advance, cash on delivery, instalment payments.

Designer, decorative, inexpensive tall plantt pots

Even the most colourful plant or flower could lose its charm if placed in a drab, old-fashioned pot, which is why it is important to buy modern, designer pots and stands that will decorate your outdoor space in style.

Check out our offer of designer tall outdoor plant pots in minimal, retro, classic, modern and Chabby Chic styles, pots that easily adapt to the style of your decor and home.

Whether combined with a single bud or overflowing with scented flowers, tall garden pots are perfect for completing the design of the furniture by adding a touch of style to the outdoors, elegant shapes and lines for stylish furnishings perfect for the home, office, commercial and public environments.

Tall outdoor plant pots are perfect for plants and flowers such as Heather, Prostrate Rosemary, Cyperus, Photinia, Dwarf Juniper, Lewisia, Geranium, Cyclamen, to name but a few, due to their ability to hold a lot of soil.

The tall outdoor plant pots, from practical object in antiquity to decorative object

The tall outdoor plant pot was used in the past as a container for transporting or storing liquids and granular materials, the original and traditional shapes were similar to the amphora, with a base, a belly, an expanded upper rim and usually two small handles, the amphora derives from the Greek ἀμϕορεύς, meaning "to be carried on both sides") used by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans, the peoples of Magna Graecia and the Romans. 

Tall outdoor plant pots today are true sculptures, the result of elaborate geometries that create unique and stylish shapes, light and manageable, easy to place and transport thanks to materials such as plastic or aluminium

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