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Sitap Carpets: Modern and design carpets

Fabrics and above all carpets in completely natural fiber and the combination with the research of materials: the final result is in Sitap carpets

Sitap: carpets that redesign your home

Sitap is a company that has based its success on the perfect balance of its products of passion, tradition and innovation; these three values ​​have been able to guide the company for almost more than 60 years. It was 1955 when a young entrepreneur, Mario Bosoni, a brilliant businessman from Piacenza, decided to specialize his company in the creation of natural fiber carpets, starting to sell a new and modern carpet design.

The whole production of Sitap rugs is inspired by high fashion creations; his desire was to ensure that the style of the company was recognized all over the world. It was from the union with Barbara Trombatore that another strongly creative style was born, completely revolutionizing Sitap productions. Perfect for contemporary and innovative furniture, Sitap is the company you are looking for to revolutionize the spaces of your home with colors and patterns.