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Discover the enchanting world of MyYour garden pots! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tall and stately versions to short and compact ones, our pots they are not only functional, but also incredibly stylish.

Revolutionize your outdoor space with our broad assortment of MyYour garden pots, which combine modern elegance with unmatched quality. And don't forget, in our Outlet you will find unmissable offers! With MyYour pots, creating the garden of your dreams has never been easier.

MyYour is an Italian brand known for the production of interior and exterior design furniture and accessories. His philosophy is based on creating products that are an explicit expression of style, quality and functionality, combined with distinctive material innovation.

The product collection ranges from furniture to furnishing accessories, including chairs, tables, sofas, lamps , and obviously a rich variety of garden pots. The latter are particularly appreciated for their unique aesthetics, the durability of the materials and the versatility of use.

A distinctive element of the brand is the use of Poleasy® , an innovative plastic material that offers superior resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays and corrosion. This 100% recyclable material helps to make the products sustainable and ecological.

Models, shapes, finishes of MyYour vases

The garden pots MyYour offer a unique mix of patterns, shapes, finishes and materials, enabling you to find the perfect solution for every style of garden.

As for the models, the line includes both minimalist designs and more elaborate vases. Whether you're looking for something understated and elegant or a bold statement piece, MyYour has just the right vase for you.

Shapes vary from traditional ones, such as round or square vases , to more modern and unusual options such as geometric vases or spiral patterns. This variety allows you to express your personality and creativity in your outdoor space.

In finishes, the Italian company ranges from matt to glossy tones , and from smooth to textured surfaces. This means you can choose the pot that best suits your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create in your garden.

Available in a variety of high quality and durable materials . Polyethylene, for example, is a popular option due to its weather resistance and ease of maintenance. Other materials including ceramic, metal and wood, each with its own unique characteristics, offer a wide spectrum of possibilities , ensuring there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Here are the best products chosen by our customers:

The Tao line is a collection of vases that redefines geometry, taking inspiration from the harmonic principles of yin and yang. Rosaria Copeta has designed for MyYour three curved shapes that combine perfectly with each other, creating a sculptural monolith that evokes the oriental symbol.

Tao pots can be arranged together in various combinations and are available in different finishes: velvet, embossed printed and oxidized.

Produced in Poleasy®, a 100% recyclable material, Tao vases are designed to withstand the challenges of time and the elements.

The Gem pots, designed by Paolo Cappello for MyYour, draw inspiration from the sparkling shape of cut gems. This unique design element gives all models a minimalist and refined character, making them functional and distinctive elements of the space in which they fit.

Created in Poleasy® and available in three sizes, the Gem pots, when combined, can form an infinite divider or perimeter border with numerous arrangement options.

Also available in a luminous variant and with a Velvet finish, the Gem vases are designed to resist UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

Ideas and advice: how to decorate the garden or terrace with MyYour vases

Furnishing your garden or terrace with MyYour vases is an experience that not only improves the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but also its functionality. MyYour pots are a great way to personalize your garden or terrace and make it a welcoming and vibrant haven.

First, choose the vase model you like best . With such a wide range of shapes, patterns and finishes, you'll have the opportunity to find the pot that best fits your personal style and the feel of your outdoor space.

Once you've chosen your model, think about the location. Pots can be used to create a focal point in your garden or to delimit different spaces. If you have a patio, a large pot can serve as a centerpiece, while smaller pots can be used to adorn edges or corners.

Also remember to consider the plants you intend to put in your pots . MyYour pots can accommodate a variety of plants, from small flowers to bushes and even small trees. Combining different plants can create a beautiful display of color and texture.

Take care of your pots. The durable materials used ensure that the vases will last a long time , but regular cleaning and proper maintenance can help keep them in top condition.

In conclusion, furnishing your garden or terrace with MyYour vases is an excellent way to express your creativity and personalize your outdoor space. Whether you're looking to create a tranquil oasis for relaxation or a vibrant place for entertaining, MyYour planters can help you realize the vision you have for your outdoor space.

Interior design: decorate your home with MyYour luminous pots

MyYour vases can give even more light to an internal environment or they can make a large open space more welcoming and enjoy it in the company of friends and relatives.

A bright atmosphere is certainly an important aspect not to be overlooked. With luminous vases it is possible to decorate any room in a functional and modern way.

There are many types of designer vases: different shapes and sizes, low and round or tall and squared, designer luminous vases are perfect for illuminating a dark area without resorting to lamps. All to create a fairytale atmosphere.

Made in Italy company in the production of luminous polyethylene vases that offers modern and unique solutions to make your home even more beautiful. Read the full article >

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