Sofas Bonaldo furniture made in Italy, Outlet prices

Discover our selection of Bonaldo sofas , collections full of style, designed and made in Italy, modern sofas with two or three seats, sofas with peninsula, corner sofas, super affordable super Outlet prices.

Our section dedicated to Bonaldo sofas focuses on the living area, thanks to these modern pieces of furniture elegance and comfort reach very high levels, thanks to models such as the Skid model or even the refined Peanut and Slab .

A Bonaldo sofa transforms the living room into the center of gravity of the home, a well-kept and stylish place in which to feel at ease and spend the days in the company of family and friends, thanks to a design that pays attention to every single detail.

The variety of Bonaldo arredamenti solutions are endless, thanks to the collaboration with the best designers on the international scene, a vast assortment of models, materials, colors and coverings, discover the leather or eco-leather sofas , fabric sofas , relax sofas , minimal sofas.

Bonaldo sofas and sofa beds, the best offers

Bonaldo sofas prices and online offers : Thanks to our online shop you will never have to give up the style and functionality of classic sofas and sofa beds by Bonaldo , discover all the products at super discounted prices, unique solutions to furnish your living room with style, you can buy directly online with a few simple clicks and receive the goods directly at home.

The best Bonaldo sofas chosen by Arredare Moderno

If you are looking for a Bonaldo sofa bed or a classic sofa, take a look at our ranking of the best sofas of the Italian brand, based on the purchases and reviews of our customers:

  • Sofa Tètra Bonaldo : maximum expression of contemporary design with evergreen accents, in fact, it adapts perfectly to all functional and stylistic needs, without giving up a strong personality. It comes with islands, rectangular shapes , pentagons that are combined with each other according to your needs. The backrests leave freedom of movement and interpretation.
  • Peanut B. Bonaldo sofa: with a modern design intended to stimulate our most creative and imaginative side. It comes with a removable cover made of fabric or leather. It is an extremely versatile and customizable sofa, which adapts to modern and design environments.
  • Lars Bonaldo sofa : conveys an idea of comfort and relaxation. It comes with important cushions and armrests inclined outwards. The base is made of metal with thin linear feet or a shaped base, giving the sofa an aerial and suspended image. Numerous elements are available, which allow you to create solutions with chaise longue or corner.
  • Lovy Low sofa Bonaldo : modern design is perfect for contract and to be used in the center of the room. It is characterized by its slim lines and a semi-oval shape that invites conversation. The straight and low backrest, shell covered in removable fabric and metal base in different finishes.
  • Aliante sofa Bonaldo : Upholstered in leather or fabric, metal feet with an essential shape, it gives the sofa a lightness. The possibility of customisation , thanks to the versatility of each element, is ideal for any living area. The side table with walnut or ceramic top completes the Aliante sofa.

New Bonaldo sofa proposals: the modern and refined home

For over 80 years Bonaldo sofas have been designed and used as refined decorative elements. In fact, what distinguishes the brand's style are the energy of the colour, the harmony of geometric shapes and lines, functionality and comfort. Elements that have made the brand a style icon.

The selection of Bonaldo sofas places a focus on the living area, that welcoming area of the house, that microcosm of affection and relaxation, where you can feel at ease. Elegance and comfort reach high levels in furnishings with a strong identity, with the Tètra and Aliante sofas , or even in the refined Panorama and Lovy sofas . Read more >>

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