Christmas 2022 trends: colours, materials and interior design trends

Christmas, as we know, is one of the most eagerly awaited festivities of the year. For the atmosphere that is created outside and inside the home, the Christmas festivities are among the most intensely experienced.

Every year there are new fashions in the world of interiors, trends that evolve and change also in Christmas decor, and therefore new and trendy colours, finishes and materials for decorating homes at Christmas. What will the Christmas 2022 trends be?

What will the Christmas 2022 theme be this year?

Christmas 2022 trends will revolve around 3 main themes:

  • classic theme
  • total white
  • elegance theme.

Christmas 2022 trends: classic theme

The classic theme for Christmas home decoration is undoubtedly an evergreen, a theme that never goes out of fashion. Thanks to the classic Christmas colours, i.e. bright red, bright gold and fir green, the classic theme will also be at the top of the trends for Christmas Trends 2022 and will be able to convey warmth, serenity and cosiness. Traditional decorations such as the Christmas tree, wreaths and centrepieces, complemented with warm yellow lights, will tastefully complete the home atmosphere for a unique and warm Christmas.

Christmas 2022 trends - classic theme

Christmas 2022 trends: colours, materials and interior design trends – Canva

Christmas 2022 trends: total white theme

The total white theme is not a news entry in Christmas decorating, but it has established itself in recent years and is once again among the trends for Christmas 2022 thanks to its modern and refined character at the same time. Christmas decorations, decorations and furnishings in white, combined with gold and/or silver details, are able to create modern, original yet extremely elegant environments.

Christmas 2022 trends - total white

Christmas 2022 trends: colours, materials and interior design trends – Canva

Christmas 2022 trends: elegance theme

The elegance theme arrives this year with completely new colours for the Christmas home: grey, black, brown and gold. This theme is truly unique for a glamorous, luxurious and sparkling Christmas.

Christmas 2022 trends - elegance theme

Christmas 2022 trends: colours, materials and interior design trends- Canv

The trendiest decorations for Christmas 2022

A Christmas without decorations is not a real Christmas! Everything in a home must be decorated with the right attention, not only considering the most suitable trinkets for Christmas and one’s personal taste, but also paying attention to the stylistic context in the home.

Among the trendiest decorations for Christmas 2022 will be some very special ones such as those made from recycled and renewable materials, and even natural ones. Space therefore is given to garlands and centrepieces defined by leaves, conifers, fruits, berries and holly.

The Christmas 2022 trends also include more romantic and artistic decorations and decorations with fashionable colours and materials such as grey for colours, and topaz and velvet for materials and fabrics.

Christmas 2022 trends - natural material

Christmas 2022 trends: colours, materials and interior design trends – Canva

New trend colours for Christmas 2022

As already mentioned, the main colours in decorating a Christmas home remain the classic red, green and gold. Space is also given to white which, recalling snow, perfectly expresses the Christmas mood and is therefore perfect for furnishing a cosy and trendy home interior.

Colours for the coming Christmas 2022 will include metallic silver and metallic gold, different shades of green, associated with grass and leaves as natural elements.

Space will also be given to pink and soft blue, romantic and rather unusual colours for Christmas décor, but which will be on trend this year. And again chocolate and sand colour, warm, natural and balanced shades, will be ideal for a unique and original Christmas decor.

Furnishing your home at Christmas: style ideas with Arredare Moderno

What colour will the 2022 Christmas tree be?

The Christmas tree is the emblem of this festive season. Among the Christmas 2022 trends is the minimalist tree, i.e. a fir tree completely devoid of decorations and strictly natural.

If, on the other hand, you would like to decorate the tree in the traditional way, for this Christmas 2022, you could opt for decorations in neutral colours, such as silver and relaxing blue, perhaps with a touch of white. Or, alternatively, one could choose brighter colours and innovative materials.

Basically, the rule is always to coordinate the Christmas tree, and thus also its decorations, with the furnishing style of the house.

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